Apologies for the delay. Regular readers are used to find posts on j’accuse by lunchtime. My first day back at work is the reason for this lapse and I hope that it will not become a habit in the coming weeks (heavy workload ahead). Few things to notice except that I had forgotten that the 7th January was another day I had included in my leave form and that I could have spent another day idling in bed instead of back at work. I had added it to my long break simply because I hate Mondays and it would have been psychologically pleasing to come in on a Tuesday. Well, there  you go, I am no Stakhanov but even the most sloth-prone workers have their day off … sort of.

For the first time in weeks I have not had much time to see what’s on in the world. Lots of odds and ends and bills and such. Got a good surprise for anyone who cares to listen. I was dreading having to change the tyres on the X-trail for the winter season. It was the last expense I needed – especially since I did not have the winter tyres yet so I would have had to buy them. Turns out that the current tyres are All Season Dunlops so that’s a thousand euros that will be staying in my pocket.

I will leave you on that sad, materialistic note. Meanwhile I still have not seen the Independent page full of the Chronicle quotes. Anyone out there with a scanner and last Sunday’s Indy? My address is jacques dot zammit at gmail dot com.

Webfind of the day goes to Mark Vella who pointed me to this magnificent Youtube collection.


5 responses to “Stakhanov

  1. Somebody I love used the TMI for intimate reasons.

    I am trying to bring it from my father but after I re-opened my site as a blog he changed the key.

    I will do my best.

  2. The youtube link! F*cking great!

  3. Ha! I thought I was bad re sovereignty! Watch the Gozo clip!

  4. Did you receive them? 2 e-mails.

  5. “Magnificent” is an understatement. I spent 15 minutes literally crying with laughter.

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