Change vs Values

Time for another post direct from the Toyota Showroom in Zebbug. I while the time away as nervous brother paces the store once again and we expect delivery of a brand new paqqa any moment. In the meantime I browse over to the BBC site to pick up on the latest news from the Iowa caucuses. That’s where I come across this:

What were the key factors in the results?

For Barack Obama, one of the key words was “change”.

It cropped up regularly in Mr Obama’s campaign speeches. And about half of the people attending the Democratic caucuses said a candidate’s ability to bring change was the most important factor. For Mr Huckabee, the key word was “values”, with many Republican caucus-goers saying the former Baptist minister was someone “who shares my values”. His win was built on the support he got from evangelical voters. More than half of Republicans interviewed as they attended the caucuses said they were either born-again or evangelical Christians, the Associated Press news agency reported.

Very very interesting. I am beginning to feel a certain sympathy with the americans once again. The days of Duh!merica (I know I promised not to use it again but this warrants an exception) seem to be about to be buried. We might be about to welcome the United States back into the folds of the liberal civilisation. It all depends on a mulatto american with an arab sounding name.

I think I’ve got a crush on Obama*.

*Unable to link to youtube vid of the same name since the Toyota computer seems to have a firewall called K9 that deemed Youtube to be blocked because it is categorised as Social Networking and Streaming Media/MP3. If you have not seen it yet go to and search “crush on Obama”.


Meanwhile for those of you who have absolutely nothing better to do I will probably be in Paceville after 23:30 tonight so if you want to meet up for a drink just message me on 7975 1111.


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