FZD’s New Year Cracker

Minister Zammit Dimech has written an article about Malta in 2008 (TOM. 01-01-08), and it’s smiles all round. It’s one of those cut and paste routines – cut and paste from the general PN list of “Great Achievements of the Outgoing Government”, not cut and paste in the literal sense. Then, towards the end of this umpteenth example of self-exaltation by the rank and file of the boys in blue we find this innocuous looking paragraph:

The statement that every vote counts was never as true. The recent amendments to our electoral laws not only reiterate that it will be the leader of that party that has the larger number of No. 1 votes who will be Prime Minister, but also that parliamentary seat allocation will be made in exact proportional representation to the total number of the respective No. 1 votes garnered by each of the major parties.

It’s not the first and it will not be the last. It can be classified under naive gloating as well as under “We can screw you and keep smiling throughout” category. Yessirs, Francis Zammit Dimech’s New Year Cracker for the popolin comes gift-wrapped from the “Amendments to the Electoral Rules” store starring the Nationalist Party as the party in government and the Labour party as itself. In case it is not clear to the electorate yet the drumming begins today – the 1st of the year… number one votes will count for choosing PM as well as for the exact proportional representation. Malta’s favourite cultural minister does let slip the words “major parties”… no harm in that. At the end of the day there’s no cat to let out of the bag. For those of us who were suffiently attentive to notice, the screw up occured quite some time ago and “the MLPN Job” is here to stay.

Don’t just forget Alternattiva. Forget any possibility of another party entering the fray. At this rate we will soon have the PN and MLP entrenched in our constitution. How about a new article? “Malta is a bipartisan, Roman Catholic, Smart state founded on work (lower rates apply for illegal immigrants).”

I’m sure FZD could get us to smile to that too. What would it take? A concert by Ira Losco and Zucchero on the Waterfront? Yupeee…

Bongu Malta and welcome to 2008. By the end of this year one thing is for certain – we will have two parties in parliament. Have a nice day!


Post Scriptum. Would the Honorable Member for the 10th District George Pullicino kindly explain to the electorate in his district how he managed to obtain all the mobile numbers of people living in his district in order to PERSONALLY wish them a Happy New Year? Will he also explain why his PERSONAL message came from an automated number and why persons wishing to thank him for his kind message were therefore unable to reply personally (pirsunalminti pirsunali)?

Will someone explain to this useless lawyer that types this blog whether this too falls outside the ambit of the Data Protection Act?


8 responses to “FZD’s New Year Cracker

  1. Hahahaha, that made me giggle. Happy New Year! xx

  2. Hey, not to nitpick, but I fall under the 10th district and did not receive any sms from dear old George. I’m feeling left out 😦

  3. I was at a NYE party when the sms’ started to come in. Most people were contract subscribers from the 10th… might have been wrong. Might not be an all inclusive list… but still… a number of them were not very happy to have been included on the list.

  4. I didn’t receive a text from George lol (I’m not on contract though). Maybe he was checking my rubbish and found that I’ve chucked all his invitations to go to some party of his.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Jacques, if i am not mistaken that is a service offered by Go and Vodafone. You buy the amount of subscribers you want to send a message to, give the service providers the message and they will send it to whoever is on their list. You can choose age groups, locality, sex etc. – the benefits of modern day technology 🙂

  6. Ok Rupert, sounds like a good enough explanation. What’s left to find out is whether people can opt out of such lists or not.

  7. Yes you can opt out of it. I don’t know about Vodafone. But Go call them SMadS. In fact they give you 0.5 Maltese cents per SMS you receive and you actually have to apply for it and you can opt out of it any time. I don’t know if George Pullicino used this service however or provided the mobile numbers himself which would have been cheaper for him to do.

  8. and there i was thinking gp was my friend!!!


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