Those who don’t Comment


There are those who blog. There are those who log on and read and cannot resist leaving a comment. Then there are those who you would not know about unless you turned up at Ciao Fra (Chez Darmanin) to watch two ex-bloggers and a diva (D., Sandro Zerafa and Alison a.k.a tal-Beangrowers) for a little gig. Suddenly someone confesses that J’accuse forms part of their daily routine. That 15 minutes of their working day are spent reading the best punditry the blogosfera can offer (in their humble opinion of course). Then there is the added confession… that the reader does not always see eye to eye with the writer and that fingers will be itching to type a comment. But for some reason or another no comment has been forthcoming…

… YET.

So I thought I’d provoke this avid reader who has outed herself:

Good morning Lex (and good morning Ban). It’s your turn to comment now… and yes, hope to see you too at the Welcome to All.


3 responses to “Those who don’t Comment

  1. I believe that comments are a very important part of a blog in the sense that the feedback is always appreciated and comments also allow people to discuss with the blogger or other people who have commented.

    It is in my opinion always polite not to take people for granted and give thanks when one receives feedback or if another blogger expressely mentions that he/she likes your blog. Perhaps there is something called blogging ethiquete. Thus, it is important to remember that when leaving comments you are a guest in the blog of somebody else and that one should measure one’s words because feelings could be hurt. If there is nothing nice to say it is better to remain quiet I believe. If you don’t agree with the post of a blogger then say so but in a nice way and in order to promote discussion. It is important to avoid sarcastic comments too.

    I also think it is important to return a visit and reply to comments received because it shows that one finds comments interesting and agrees or disagrees with them, and the discussion is enrichened.

    My husband mentioned as well that many people fear criticism. I think he is right as well. And that’s another reason why people prefer not to comment.

    Of course people don’t blog because of the comments per se, but as I said, it is important feedback.

    Cheers! and see you later!

  2. she who will not be named

    it would be great to comment … BUT .. that photo left me SPEACHLESS!!!

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