As Old as the Queen

Queen Bess is now officially the oldest reigning monarch ever. That does not yet make her the longest reigning British monarch, which prize goes to Old Vic. I had nothing to blog about but I am killing time in the Toyota showroom while my brother nervously paces the reception waiting for the final documentation of his new car to get through. So I blog. Because blogging is second nature. Some people slip outside for a puff on a fag (not a gay blowjob) others spot the free internet and blog.

In the background a wonderful draw for the Champions League scrolls on the TV. England and Italy seem to have crossed lines again. Arsenal play Milan and Liverpool play Inter. Rigetta will have to brave Real Madrid. I’m placing any remaining interest in the competition in Celtic who will face the giants of Barcelona. Chelsea got the lucky draw, they face Greek side Olympiacos… forgive me the pun but doesn’t sound like an Olympic challenge.

That’s all. I’m off to chat with Sarah from Gasan Mamo trying to prevent my bro from getting swindled on the insurance of his new car. Until now we start with Lm130 above (more expensive than) the quote by his previous insurers (MiddleSea).

 All companies have been named in this blog post in the spirit of open market and free competition. I also promise to tell you if Gasan Mamo manages to give a better deal at the end of the day. Yes. That is also part of the power of the blog. You don’t get 250 readers a day do nowt you know.

God Save the Queen.

Post Scriptum: WELCOME TO ALL is still on tomorrow at 20.00 at Victoria Band Club Mellieha. I am still negotiating use of my car with my dad (we share the thing since I’ve left for Lux). Those of you who think they will not attend because of transport problems can still call me on 79751111 – we’ll fix something or another. One way or another I’m getting my tea. Also look out for an alternative place name to be posted tomorrow morning just in case (just in case) the band club turns out to have closed for the night.


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