It’s Little Big Horn (Again)


The sons of the sons of Chief Sitting Bull have had enough of the States. The Lakota (apparently the real name of the Sioux) have torn up their 150 year old treaties with the peoples of the United States of America and have declared that they are no longer citizens of the United States. In a press release in Washington, Russel Means a spokesperson for the Lakota asked all in the five states who wished to do so, to back the new move. Passports of the Lakota Nation will be given to all who choose to renounce U.S. citizenship. Representatives of the Lakota have started diplomatic missions with countries like Venezuela, Bolivia and South Africa. The Lakota are the only people to have defeated the United States army on the American continent. Chief Sitting Bull (Tatanka Iyotaka) and his men defeated General Custer at his now famous Last Stand at Little Big Horn in Montana in 1876.

The myth and legend of the “Red Indian” that has been inherited from the Spaghetti Western risks diluting the matter and affecting public sensitivity. The plight of the Lakota for self-determination should be treated no less than that of the peoples of Iraq, of theKossovar community or of Myanmar. The fact that the first image to come to mind is that of men wearing flappy leather hides and feathers in their hair should in no way make their plight any different from that of other peoples.

Right. Now to explain all that to Chief Dopey Bush sitting in his White Tent in Washington. Let’s hope he won’t be wearing his Texan attire for this occasion… otherwise we’ll have the cliche-free-for-all that I’ve just been warning against.


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