All’s Freezing on the Sliema Front

Idled the afternoon away after a massive bacon’n’eggs brunch at the house. Most of aforementioned idling to place in Sliema in the company of the man who shall henceforth be called Dicky B (just because I know he does not like the monicker).

Nothing much to report except that hanger’s on at Giorgio’s still look like a collection of show-off wankers who even fail to move one step up and look remotely wankellectual. There’s the boys in suits and the West Side almost a rapper in bling bling clothing crowds. We settled for a mint tea at Offshore notwithstanding my worry that we might encounter a crowd of Surf Dudes.

We did notice that people are very very limited conversationally and that the popular question to ask when walking on the front six or so days before Christmas is: “Shopping?” As Dicky put it rather unmildly… “Le…I’m just spanking the proverbial monkey”.

Speaking of putting it mildly – Maltatoday’s sales levels must be shooting down the charts and so the title of their midweek edition plays on the childish curiosity engendered in people when they see “rude” words on the front pages of a paper. This time it has something to do with some journalist calling Sant at home and asking him if the CIA helped him win the election in 1996 to which Sant replies that he has not time for this Bullshit (my capitals).

All in all quite an amusing bit of news. Don’t know what is worse… the journalist following up this bit of info, Sant replying rudely or the idea that someone at the Central Intelligence Agency might remotely care about putting Sant in government.

And it’s still freezing here. Even on the Sliema front.


2 responses to “All’s Freezing on the Sliema Front

  1. Just a quick comment: I should be able to make it on Saturday! I’ll be bringing a friend of mine, who although doesn’t blog herself, she does read a few Maltese blogs. Hope that that’s fine.
    See you on Saturday! =)

  2. Richard Bernard

    I hereby condemn Jackie Z’s tomfoolery regarding my name as well as the ensuing piss-ripping that shall inevitably be hurled my way 🙂 . with the risk of getting snipered down by one of the adoring j’accuse fans… re a git 🙂

    ps.. you forgot the classic “eating jew?” when you meet an acquaintance at a restaurant!!

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