Melitensia (1)


What better than a spoof of oneself? Luxemburgensia is dedicated to all that is Luxembourg so while I am in Malta why not a Melitensia in the same vein?


First the rant. Maltese architects and double-glazing. I wonder if modern apartments come with double-glazing included. The one I had bought before leaving the island does not. I had forgotten the discomfort of being woken up by workers at 8 a.m. I had also forgotten how desperately hopeless the windows are at keeping the warm in and the cold out. It does get cold at night, previous blog posts notwithstanding. Tonight the heaters will have to go on – especially since I am Mel-less and there’s no one to rub the cold feet against and magically transfer all coldness.


Seen the new coins. They’re lovely. At the risk of being blasphemous let me say that we should thank God and light a candle in gratitude to all the persons who finally saw the light and did not choose Saint George Preca’s face for the pieces. My favourite is the Maltese Cross one euro. The best one euro coin yet… Also. Thank heavens for the Republic and its coat of arms. The 50 cent coin with our arms emblazoned on the back sure beats the hell out of the head of any head of state from Juan Carlos to the Duke of Luxy. But then I might be off on a patriotic rush here so apologies if anyone feels offended by the last statement.

Lights out in Gozo
The sister island is not having a nice run up to christmas. I shared a good couple of hours on the (Gudja-bound) flight with childhood friend Robert Tabone, now mayor of Victoria. He had just attended some conference in cold Brussels. It was Robert who first told me that Gozo is suffering a long black out that is expected to last a couple of days. The reason? It seems that a rather important cable was damaged during a storm and it will take some time to replace. It’ll be a dark Christmas in Gozo. I’m almost prepared to rush there and relive the moment of blackout with a sort of sadistic nostalgia of the days when Dark Christmas was practically a regularity and Santa Claus still existed.


Tonite I have been promised an extra special cultural visit by bro and mum. They plan to take me to Pavi. Geez I have been wanting to see that one for ages. Last I remember of the Maltese Christmas shopping extravaganzas it was either Smart Supermarket in Birkirkara or the now bankrupt Swatar Supermarket whose name has slipped my mind. Apparently Pavi is something else… and I plan to try my Delhaize jeton in their Euro trolleys… it’s the simple things in life. P.S. I’m not sure Pavi is even meant to be written that way but hey, give me a break, I’ve only just landed.


5 responses to “Melitensia (1)

  1. It was the Price Club… and I’m so glad it’s closed down, so those of us who live in the area finally have our parking back. You’d think a supermarket that size would have sufficient parking hux? Ma tarax!

  2. David Friggieri

    From cold, frigid, ungrateful Luxembourg to the pleasures of Melita: fame and recognition (“dak mhux dak li jiketb fis-Sunday Times?”), a bevy of adoring bloggers and a cute girl with a crush on you! Jerry le luxembourgeois eat your heart out! Ah, the pleasures of home!

  3. First, the good news. Most new appartments come with double glazing.

    Second, Dun Gorg Preca’s profile was never a candidate for being emblazoned on any coin; Mazzuoli’s Baptism of Christ was. I think it was over-complicated to represent on a coin but to those who objected on the grounds that Church and State be kept separate how come they’re not protesting over the fact that on the 1 and 2 cents coin there’s the high altar of the Mnajdra Temple?

  4. David. You have not joined blogsofmalta yet. I’m keeping an eye on you, you know. And don’t worry I know that you will always remain my number one fan and fausto my number one proof reader. Make no mistake about it.

  5. Talking about Euro coins, it’s quite funny seeing people coming into the bank asking for the Euro coins as if asking for some very rare sophisticated commodity, and after they get their kits, especially the older ones, they glee at them like a child opening their Christmas present.

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