It’s Not That Cold

All right all right. I’ve landed in Malta International Airport, Gudja and not as I had mistakenly stated Luqa Airport. Fausto and Sandro Vella seem to have gone to great lengths to point out my error. Sandro was also spot on about the total travelling time. 13.24 to 23.30 more like ten hours than twelve. I’m beginning to like the guy even more. I was surprised that he chose to give me so much coverage in his last post (should I say worried). Sandro has managed to pick up the Grillo style and transform his blog into a very close Maltese equivalent. I hesitate to dole out too much praise lest I end up on the sharp end of his witty keyboard but then again it’s good to have more sparring partners in this corner of the blogging world. Sandro too will be joining us at the Mellieha Band club though I insist on reminding everyone that (a) it’s just for drinks and not a meal and (b) I have never mentioned footing the bill – forget it. The only exception is the blogger known as Claire Commando for having dared to describe me as a “blogging god” (eat your heart out fellow blog-o-nauts). I owe the girl a bribe in the form of the best cuppa of the warm brew that Malta can offer.

More and more people are joining BlogsofMalta why haven’t you joined yet?

…. and yes… quit moaning… it’s not half as cold as I thought it would be.

Handtyped reminder without the age of smart technology follows:


22nd December 20.00 Victory Band Club Mellieha

hotline for queries is now on: 79751111 or 27661717 (no lewd words on the blower please)


4 responses to “It’s Not That Cold

  1. Hahaha, I DO feel special now!
    I am SO incredibly touched that I am an exception =P I shall proceed to print this out and frame it. (haha)
    It’s a darn shame, though, that I don’t think I’ll be able to make it on Saturday. I was just going to ‘RSVP’, but some important and pressing appointments came up all at once.

    Anyhow, thanks for the mention, much appreciated! And hope you enjoy your stay in lovely Malta, as well as the blog meet-up.

  2. kont nithajjar nigi biex nipprova nbiehlek cd imma ghandi tieg…

  3. Hi J’accuse,

    I am afraid I won’t be able to make it 😦 I would have liked to go though. Perhaps if there is another meeting in the future I will be able to attend. I also mentioned the event to other bloggers that I know.


  4. Uff I can’t make it cause I have a meal. I hope they’ll be more opportunities to meet other bloggers though.

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