Travel Day

By the time you read this post I will be “enjoying” the marathon trip back to Malta. It’s incredible. We are in the 21st century but thanks to monopoly by super-efficient flag carriers like Luxair and Airmalta it takes me 12 hours from door to door (Belair to St. Julian’s). Luxair is out for the winter (back in February) and so I have to catch a bus, a train and a train and a plane to get to Luqa Airport. Needless to say even if I spoke Luxembourgish in a quirky Gybexi-lefty-love-the-kitsch-locals kind of fashion things would still not be much better… or maybe I would be able to swear in Luxy… nomdikass…

see you in Malta.


2 responses to “Travel Day

  1. Luqa airport?! More than fifteen years on and you still call it Luqa airport?! Call your folk and make sure they come and pick you at the right terminal! 😉

    And don’t moan too much now; it might actually take you longer on the return journey.

  2. Am I invited too? Or am too much of a pain in the butt??? :)))

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