Luxemburgensia (3) : The Hand that Feeds You (Bis)



From today’s Indy:

While many Maltese are relocating to Luxembourg to work in EU offices, the official airline of the Duchy is actively considering relocating its call centre … to Malta. The subject of the relocation of the call centre was the principal topic of the discussions within the mixed management group on Friday. According to the airline management, not a single job in Luxembourg is being threatened. The problem with the call centre is that it is closed at night and weekends so many calls go unanswered. The management has contacted other airlines such as Lufthansa, Air France and Air Malta to see how they do the job and if they can help Luxair. The workers’ representatives are against such a move and the trade union, OGBL, has publicly opposed outsourcing and relocation to Malta. The trade union said it has been informed by management that as from next year, the Luxair call centre’s activities will be partially handled by the Maltese call centre, Centercall. The trade union said it was faced by a ‘fait accompli’ against the code of ethics of the company. The workers’ representatives, as a last plea, urged taking in more employees, rather than relocating to Malta. The trade union is inviting all members to an information meeting to be held on Thursday, 24 January where other initiatives will be proposed.


Please note the reason of the problem that has prompted the possible move. Even better (sadly hilarious) is that the management had to call other airlines to find a solution. Why? Because opening outside the strict opening hours is unconceivable in the world of Luxembourg Customer Service. The Centre Commun de la Sécurité Sociale (CCSS) for example can be contacted during very very limited time brackets … and then only to reach a recorded answering machine notice that transfers you to a civil servant who will not answer the telephone and after the fifteenth ring the phone line will go dead. Same goes for the Tax Department in charge of payment of VAT on vehicles.

Of course J’accuse’s solidarity goes out to the Luxembourg workers and OGBL. If I were in their shoes I’d be protesting too. On the other hand we cannot help but wonder whether our various complaint calls to Luxair (that beloved monopoly of the airs still flying people to Milan at €600 a flight) will be dealt with more expeditiously by a multilingual workforce that has learnt to adapt to the needs of the world business environment and integrate with the global village.

Schéi Chrëschtdeeg to y’all!


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