bondi+ politics-

Watched the Bondiplus episode about the numbers game between the two parties after Labour promised the people some money and the Nationalists said that they could never afford it. Still the same kind of politics. I loved the part where Bondiman lost control and kept shouting “We’re Off Air” and “Naghlqu l-Programm Hawn” while the two politicians kept yelling at each other like there’s no tomorrow (or audience).

Thought: Doesn’t it strike anyone odd that they are arguing about how to “give” people more money (and not mentioning taxes) in this manner? The mantra: transport, energy, environment, quality of life. That’s not about the money you put in one pocket and take out of another. It’s about a coherent long term plan. We’re off air I guess.

BIN UNLOAD ERROR 404: Is figuring out what “hermeneutics” means “hermeneutic”? Download first season of “Pushing Daisies”. Off to Auchan to buy a Tie. Remember the last sentence in gybexi’s Sicily post. It makes sense. Still got an article to write. Do Darrel Lea Foods have quality audits? Note: Must not leave Kitchen door closed again – last time round Xitan protested by crapping all over my boxers. Serves Calvin right. Syntax Error On Paragraph 5. Press Runstop Restart to End.


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  1. Blogg politiku iehopr

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