Saturday Morning Net Readers


Do they exist? I have come closer to answering this question in a most unscientific manner. First of all allow me to tip the proverbial hat to any person who is reading this blog following its getting yet another honourable mention by Fr Peter. This time you will find no evidence in print since aforementioned honourable mention was made during an insider seminar for a particular group of election candidates and journalists. Don’t worry – no leaks involved just a bit of communication in the family, if you know what I mean. Now if you were thinking of taking J’accuse as your model please note the uncensored comments and above all willingness to speak one’s mind when one thinks that something is wrong. Of course that is not to say that no bias at all exists… but if any does exist then it is towards ourselves and ourselves only … please leave all kow-towing protocols at the door.

Now. Back to Saturday. I happened to be perusing the epaper version of the Times. It has this new gadget called “Article Rank” that indicates thepopularity of a particular article on a particular day. It consists simply of five boxes that fill up with alternattiva green (ok that’s a joke attempt at subliminal pulling of the leg – just green then) the more readers choose to peruse it. Now it would seem that as at 11.46 ante meridiani very few readers had perused such medium. All articles had their article ranks bereft of any bars of note. From I.M. Beck to Anthony Licari it would seem that very few (if any) readers have subscribed to the epaper medium. And that is an important qualification to make.

Because it is obvious that if I lived in Malta I would rather pay 51 eurocents for the printed version than subscribe to an online version that costs more. I still cannot understand what kind of promotion of the online medium this is. Le Monde had a trial version of one month and the online subscription was much, much cheaper than the printed version once you decided to fork out the dosh. Why has the Times chosen a different tack? Old habits die hard and they must still believe that the printed version reigns supreme.

It does not. Except maybe on Saturday. Because even judging by my blog’s stats. Saturday and Sunday are always a bit of a slant downwards on the graph that plots those many daily visitors. It will take something as revolutionary and portable as a Kindle in order to up these stats. That, and getting more and more people to understand and use RSS Newsfeeds.

Happy Rest of Seminar/Weekend to you all. (and easy on the pastizzi)


One response to “Saturday Morning Net Readers

  1. Saturday morning is for sleeping late 😉

    I subscribed to the epaper last week and I get the email notification, but I’ve found that I don’t read the epaper every day because I’m a little short on time and the interface is still slow and cumbersome. I’d rather just skim through the news section on the website.

    I was surprised at the prices of the subscriptions too. There’s no way I’m paying that amount of money – I’ll just keep reading the website for free, thanks, and I’ll buy the paper on the weekend for the magazines.

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