Blagenda (Malta Visit)

So. I will be visiting the homeland between the 17th December and 7th January (inclusive). Turns out that I might even make it for the last, last minutes of St. Ivo – which means that I will meet the last lawyer’s standing after a day of debauchery… which probably means I’ll give it a miss like I always did. Anyhoo. I’ve decided to abuse of my blog to suggest to anybody of the blog-reading or blog-writing community who visits these pages that maybe we should meet up for a couple of drinks somewhere on the island. I have no plans as yet but an evening mid-week (shall we say the 19th?) sounds fine. Now my problem is that I have been absent from the island long enough not to know which place to suggest. So this is the reason of the post – or these are the reasons:

a. unless better suggestions are forthcoming I would tend to choose Mellieha Band Club – the guy makes great teas in a glass)

b. can any interested persons (if there are any) send me their contacts via googlemail on my usual address?

c. an official invitation and flyer will be made available later – we might even create a facebook event if i figure out how to do that

Not sure if there is anything else to add. So… roll up roll up… it’s the J’accuse Christmas Bonanza and Revelling Moment Tea Party.

and btw… don’t forget to pop by the atheist’s website and wish him a get well soon… the guy doesn’t even have a god to pray to to get better.


9 responses to “Blagenda (Malta Visit)

  1. hehehe that last sentence cracked me up! 🙂

    enjoy your next visit on the island!

  2. I was searching for this kind of a blog for months now. Actually lost the hope of finding one, but here i am 🙂 Thanks for the great articles! Looking forward for a little read after dinner 🙂

  3. I’m home from the 22nd (well we depart on the night of the 22) and leave Malta on the evneing of the 29th so if anyone is free around then I’m up for a drink. Wish I could stay longer, but the love of my life has decided to go on excavation somewhere exotic and full of landmines (don’t even ask) and so our holidays have to be cut short *grump*.

  4. jien hawn, meta trid

  5. Am i invited too?

  6. i guess it would be nice for all bloggers to meet, having said that am afraid that my humble blog and its writer will feel slightly out of place with this popular blogger!

  7. Ta min vera niltaqghu, insegwi wisq blogs minghajr ma naf wicc min jiktibhom. Jekk forsi niltaqghu wara t-22 tkun tista tigi Athena. X’tahseb Jaqxues? Iddeciedi data ha nibdew nirriklamaw 🙂

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