UPS Grumble

Don’t you find that some things in life are just not practical? Don’t you find yourself asking why you seemt o be the only one to notice? Take UPS for example. And DHL and all the others too. Why is it that they insist on making home deliveries during office hours? I work. I’ve got a job. And since I work in an establishment that could be a target to not so well-wishers we are not allowed to receive personal parcels at work. Which causes quite a problem.

Because Mr UPS will insist on taking the parcel to my house when I am not there and will proceed to leave little notes saying “We Will Come Again tomorrow at the same time and if you are STILL not here we will contact the sender”. Like that’s some effing threat.

Which is where Luxembourg’s P&T (Post & Telecom) hooked onto a brilliant scheme to make money – to be in when you are out just book a temporary parcel delivery box at your local Post Station. Which sounds good. Only you have just paid god knows what to have the parcel delivered to you in the first place so why the hell should you pay over and above that to pick it up from somewhere other than your house. And then there’s the billion dollar question….

 Guess what are the opening times for the P&T pick up service?

Futuari summus


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