More Grumble

And while we are busy complaining about services in Luxembourg (see below for more) let’s spend a thought for that most abuvise of dominant companies called Coditel. Yep. It’s the same one the Belgians have, only here in Luxembourg you have no choice. One company is forced on you and you have to grin and bear with their monumental stupidity, inefficiency and abusive practices.

Forget about deciphering what package of cable TV you actually got from them. First think about paying them. Monthly payments will be forcefully topped with an extra €2 fare if you refuse to put in a direct debit and insist on checking every monthly bill. That is downright anti-competitive under European and national laws. For anti-competitive read illegal. I complained. I complained to the Consumer Body in Luxembourg which just shrugged and told me to bear it because Coditel is behind the government (or the inverse – in any case they are combining to screw the customer). It’s not the €2. It’s the flagrant taking the piss in your face.

Now they are changing decoder boxes. They sent us a form to fill if we want it changed. It’s one of those Free Commercial Reply forms. True you don’t pay. Only it’s shaped like a postcard and all the private data you put on the reverse will be available for all to see. Unless you put the damn thing in an envelope and pay. I hate Coditel.

They are not even capable of doing what the shrewd cable guys in Malta have done and getting a few football matches onto cable. They are inefficient and what is worse is that they know it and they just don’t care. Coditel sucks. Big time. And unless I can get my landlady to accept a sattellite dish being stuck on the facade of Rue de Bragance I can wish my comfortable television moments goodbye.



One response to “More Grumble

  1. Hey, just moved to the GD a month ago and find your site truly amusing… keep them coming!

    About your television viewing, Have you considered a Slingbox? You hook one up to a decoder anywhere in the world (like Malta), hook it up to your internet connection there and watch it on your PC (or TV with another box from them).

    It’s what I’m planning to put in, as I still have a year and half of GO TV+Internet contract to go through back in Malta, so I might as well bring all the PBS/NET/Super1 soap-parade to my new home here.

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