I.M. Jack

I had forgotten about the I.M. Jack series. It’s useful to comment on disparate pieces of news in one big post. I’d like to take the opportunity to wish “Bon Anniversaire” to Beck of the Times who turns 15 this week. Actually it’s his column that’s 15, I am quite sure that ABC or IMB has done many more turns than that. 15 years… that’s so many dinners to have gone under the belt eh Bocc?

1. SDM & Vandalism

Picked up this report on Maltastar. It would seem that SDM has lost its allocated office in Student House because some git in the executive forgot to re-apply for with KSU. The office was allocated to another student group. The photos on Maltastar seem to depict quite vividly the rage with which the former occupants vacated the premises. It’s time for J’accuse to speak from its high horse. In my time at SDM this would definitively not have happened. We always had an efficient secretary general (even that was not the undersigned) and we had an inherent respect for the authority. It is sad to see the logo I designed (yep that SDM logo’s mine!) pictured in such circumstances. Unfortunately my sympathy for SDM was stranded somewhere along the way at a time when the younger generations chose to return the organisation into the folds of the Nationalist Party – thus relgating my period in SDM to a tiny hiccup of an organisation destined to falter thanks to the blind tinkering of the geezers at Triq Herbert Ganado. And don’t tell me that they still keep their distance – why else would Minister Louis Galea be trying to justify the blatantly unjustifiable?

2. Sapienza

André has already blogged about this. Emotional ties force me to add my tuppence worth. Sapienzas was the be all and end all of bookshops in my childhood and youth. Agius & Agius was too academic, Merlin too maltese, Aquilina too jumbled and Mireva so not a bookshop to be able to compete. Sapienza is where I spent my very first Sixth Form stipend. I bought a three-volume Encyclopaedia of Philosophy – that blew one whole month of stipend but was worth it. In case you were wondering I never read through the whole thing but its a good reference book – of the type you’d find at Fausto’s bedside table. Back to Sapienza – I’ll miss crawling along the bookshelves from the Melitensia on the right as you enter, thru the latest releases then A to Z of fiction and then climbing the stairs of specialisation from travel to philosophy to languages to classic literature. At the far, far end of the first floor – on the balcony, you would find the tiniest of collections of law books – never up to date – never useful. A token presence in a world of interesting books. Sapienza is to Foyles as a grain of sand is to the Copacabana Beach, but to the book enthusiast it was always a voyage of discovery that awaited those who were courageous enough to venture between the two glass doors and step down into literary paradise.

3. Blogs

The Times blogs have gone forth and multiplied. Father Joe Borg is now in the pleasant company of Ira Losco. For a moment I wondered whether we would have a Lorna in the making. Pleasures yet to come I guess. In the meantime I enjoyed the fact that the sexy vixen has a morning routine that rings as vaguely familiar Chez J’accuse. She too opens her eyes in the morning, she too crawls to her Mac (a Mac I say!!!) and then makes her coffee. She too treasures these moments. By Jove… either we have a case of phsychological plagiarism in David style or J’accuse and La Losca were meant to wake up together.

4. Fireworks

Today’s Times informs us that the fireworks safety proposals are still being drawn up by government. No Comment.


3 responses to “I.M. Jack

  1. Ah, the good old Frederick J.! Do people still read it/use it as a reference? There’s another thing to ponder: Republic Street will lose an important landmark with Sapienzas and between City Gate (never memorable) all the way up to Cordina there will no longer be any commercial establishment with “character”.

  2. David Friggieri

    For those few who may be wondering what J’accuse, La Losco and myself are doing in the same, erm, sentence, here’s the background to j’accuse’s comment:


  3. Any chance that “Sibtijiet flimkien — ma’ Normal u Josette” will be back?

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