The New e-Times of Malta

Now that write for the paper I do feel that my credentials as an unbiased critic are somewhat murky but what the heck… The new look Times Online is with us. I just chanced upon it five minutes ago while browsing. Very first impression: SLOOOOOOW.

The thing seems choc-a-bloc with new features and is all prepped up to milk online advertising potential (just in time eh?).  They’ve put sudoku online but my big question remains: Will the Sunday Times Crossword be finally available online thus sparing my poor mum the scanning business every Sunday?

The page layout is efficient. I am not too keen on the grey boxes but that can be tweaked later on. Personally I’d always associate The Times with a strong black and white contrast plus, it goes without saying, a Times font. Readers of J’accuse and his various predictions and rants regarding papers and blogs will notice the spanking new BLOGS button on the menu. Until now there’s a blog by one of those gastronomic geeks but I am sure there’s more to come.

The Media (images) scroll is a firm fav with the Italian papers. I wonder how long before the pirelli Calendar makes it to the Times in true La Stampa or La Repubblica style.

Then there’s the E-paper. Surely promising. I had a similar subscription with Le Monde and I tell you it redefines newspapers. You can navigate around a sort of pdf version of the paper, read different articles and wait for it…. there’s BLOGGER FRIENDLY buttons. There’s a BLOG THIS ARTICLE button, there’s a FACEBOOK button (?) and there’s a DIGG button.

The Online Poll is still there… still the cheesy questions: “How will Small Political Parties fare in next elections?” Old habits die hard I guess.

Overall impression is good. Not a wow yet. Mainly because many of the changes are a bit late … as in by internet standards they are a year late. There is also the slowness of the site to deal with – and I am surfing on a superfast network here. A step in the right direction though.

As for the e-subscription… it rocks, really it does… fingers crossed about that crossword though!

ADDENDUM: All efforts at actually subscribing or getting trial subscription have failed due to some layout fault on the screen and no REGISTER button once you have filled the details. Not so rockin’ now eh?

APPENDIX TO THE ADDENDUM: Subscription is plain sailing if you are on a mac/firefox.


10 responses to “The New e-Times of Malta

  1. That stupid flashing WIN WIN WIN advert just makes me sea sick. Seriously, peeps with epilepsy must have a hard time online these days. Thank god for the firefox ad block.

  2. Have you noticed how quickly this new site has gone online after the change of editor at the PM’s next door neighbour? On the right track it seems…

  3. It’s an OK site but not as good as the old one. And it’s MUCH slower…

  4. Will Anthony Licari get a blog? The man craps so much my laptop stinks after I click the link to his column. My perrennial question is: is he actually paid for that?

  5. There seem to be fewer letters to the editor lately: quality over quantity perhaps. Pity, they are often hilarious (as well as embarassing) and bring me back to earth when I’m feeling overly nostalgic about home.

    Mark Aloisio
    Nottingham, Pennsylvania

  6. Really, terribly slow, I too wondered about the possible reasons for the facebook button… could be because the new ed spends a lot of time on it (like most of us it seems…)

  7. They call them blogs, but where’s the feed for my aggregator?

  8. Athena: I love firefox too 🙂

    Andre: Slow Slow Slow…. did you enjoy your moment of fame on the Indy???

    Futbolite: do you really think it’s political? I think it’s the usual phase when a new ed is settling in

    Fausto: fingers crossed. I’m still hoping for a Lorna daily.

    Mark: true. I still find that the short letters to the London Times are better (nothing nicer than a bit of dry sarcasm)

    Wayne: I think they just threw in as many buttons as they could imagine… pity they left out the RSS feed for blogs…

    Maltagirl: too true… I sent a short mail to the editor pointing this out

  9. lol – I was going to blog about it actually, maybe sometime this weekend.

    BTW – I’m prepared to endure a slower Times of Malta if they put a Lorna daily.

  10. Viivienne Borg Critelli

    I always that that…….If it not broken……don’t fix it.

    Times of Malta Sites was perfect….Loved reading it from my home Long Island USA. It is now sooooooo slow………format is confusing……..
    Please do something about it and bring it back to par.

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