MySpace, YouTube, HisKill

The news of yesterday’s atrocious shooting in a Finnish school is still ringing in everyone’s ears and there’s already a spinoff controversy. This murderer had chosen to post his deathwish on sites like MySpace and Youtube and the new debate is centering around the role of such sites in this kind of murder. So you have a guy who buys himself a gun, films himself declaring intent to kill then goes to his high school and starts a killing spree. Reaction? A trial by popular jury of the role of internet sites in encouraging such murder. Now I am no profiler but frankly this is bullshit. The gun, the website, the bus that takes the killer to school… these are all media for an action that has developed in the guy’s mind. Would Jack the Ripper not have killed had he not been able to write letters to the London Chief of Police (the Dear Boss letters)?

The mistrust of new technologies is always bound to trigger reactions from the more conservative elements of society. Controlling MySpace and YouTube because of what happened is a bit excessive though. Quite a bit. As usual we risk missing out on focusing on the possible real reasons that might have triggered off this mission that turned out to be suicidal. The guy declared that he was alone against the world and that his was a mission to purge the world of lesser beings. Many German “philosophical” terms were used (and we all know from which particular philosophy they came from)… but thankfully no one is questioning the use of German.


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