In Luxembourg the government has announced that nationals of eight of the Eastern Countries who joined the EU can now work in the country without the need of any special permit. This notice intends to exclude Bulgaria and Romania but funnily enough whenever Luxembourg seems to talk about THE new members they include 8 of the 2004 entry and the 2 latest members. Malta and Cyprus are nowhere to be seen.

In  Brussels the European justice and interior ministers prepare to extend Schengen Rights to 8 former Communist countries and Malta. The new area extends the spread of the passport free zone to the borders of Ukraine and Belarus.

In the world the price of oil continues to surge towards the symbolic $100 per barrel price. In Europe, the rise of the Euro has acted as a hedge against fluctuations in the dollar denominated oil market (source IHT).  World power balance now depends more than ever on access to Oil. Surely more muscle for Chavez and Putin… a little less for Bush and the Chinese giant.

In Italy, Tariceanu and Prodi met to discuss the Roma problem. The respective premiers of Romania and Italy were to discuss the problems being created by the wave of Romanians moving to the other areas of the EU – in this case Italy. Roma(no) Prodi assures Tariceanu that there will be no mass expulsions. The former Commission Meister is still strongly in favour of the free movement of citizens in an open Europe but believes that something has to be done to quell the tide of hatred after an Italian citizen was brutally murdered in a Rome suburb.

At Anfield, Liverpool defeated Besiktas 8-0 in a one-way Champions League encounter. This created a new record for the widest scoreline shattering the one held jointly by Juventus (vs Olympiakos 7-0, 10/12/93) and Arsenal (vs Sparta Praga 7-0, 23/10/07). The seven goals of Manchester against Roma do not count in this particular record since at the time the giallozozzi managed to get one goal back.

On the internet, this article by Pat Buchanan announcing the demise of the dollar is the most “Dug” article at the time of this post being posted. My last sentence is an example of what internet grammar can do to the English language.


10 responses to “Globeblogging

  1. Citezens of Malta and Cyprus had freedom of moviment from day one when we joined the EU . You should know better.

  2. From EU Council Information Sheet (press release) Dated 7 November 2007:

    Brussels, 7 November 2007
    As from December 2007, the European Union plans to extend the abolition of checks at internal land and sea borders (and air borders by March 2008) to nine of the new Member States of the European Union (Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic). People will be able to move freely, without checks, within an area expanded to 3 600 million km2 – the “Schengen area”.

    No they did not have full Schengen from Day One… and I DO know better. Thank you.

    For further info go to:

  3. David Friggieri

    Kont ser inhalliha ghaddejja din imma la sibt lis-sur Galea jiksirlek id-devozzjoni, here goes:

    J’accuse: You seem to be making a fairly common error: mixing up free movement in general (including Schengen) and free movement of workers (work permits and so on). The transitory rules applied by some old Member States with regard to the new MS only concern free movement of workers. Since Malta and Cyprus were not affected by the transitory arrangements on workers, the Luxemburgers are right not to mention the two islands in the context of lifting restrictions on workers. Schengen has nothing to do with it. And Paul Galea’s slightly vicious ticking off still stands.

    From the horse’s mouth, con amicizia

  4. Nahseb ahjar hallejtha ghaddejja.

    The Schengen issue relates to the second news item (in Brussels) not the first (in Lux). I am not mixing anything up there – I would be if I mentioned Schengen in relation to the Lux govt move.

    As for what rights Malta had or did not have as of 2004 I refer you, your horse and any other domesticatable animal you might choose, to the same documentation I mentioned earlier.

    La wehilna mal-proverbji…
    thallattx il-hass mal-bass… senza rancore.

  5. David Friggieri

    J’accuse – your first paragraph (in Lux) is pointless for the reason I gave. In a notice lifting restrictions which apply to a set of countries, Luxembourg is hardly going to list/include countries which have never had such restrictions imposed on them. Iva jew le, sur Kappillan?

    Also, my hunch is that your interlocutor Galea was also referring to paragraph 1 (in Lux). Note his reference to ‘Cyprus and Malta’ and not simply to Malta (see your para. 2). You then chose to respond mentioning Schengen. But I must admit that interlocutor Galea is better placed to clarify what his intention was.

    Le cheval…con affetto

  6. It’s not pointless. The point was about Luxembourg not considering Malta or Cyprus whenever it comes to talking about enlargement. The titles are separate – one is about Luxembourg’s general attitude towards Malta and Cyprus : ignoring them by not referring to them whenever speaking about new entrants – the other is about the extension of Schengen.

    Now when the horse and Paul decide to correct the uncorrectable you decide to tell me what I am writing about. Fat chance mate. Leave the nit picking to FM… he’s got a knack for that. For the last time:

    Fact 1: Whenever Luxembourg speaks of the enlargement it im,plies 8 of 2004 + 2 of 2007. Hence I do protest that it ignores the islands.

    Fact 2: An altogether separate point. Today the council will decide or has decided (not clear on that) to extend full Schengen to eight eastern countries and Malta.

    Qed tifheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem?

  7. David Friggieri

    Aha, you mention a specific notice where malta and cyprus were (correctly) not mentioned by the Lux folks but you’re actually talking about a general attitude! I guess it’s only fools and horses who would take it that you were using the specific example as an illustration of the more general attitude.

  8. Phew. For a moment I thought you wanted to be taken seriously. Why do I even bother?

    Forza Lisbon.

  9. David Friggieri

    One would have thought that a man so interested in debate and the exchange of opinion like yourself would have at least admitted that the point I made had an ounce of validity to it. In fact it has much more than an ounce, but let’s forget that for a minute.

    Buy why do you even bother? Debate ain’t really the point is it?


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