Gharb Rangers


In my youth (sadly I am four days away from turning 32 so I can speak of youth in the past) an encyclopaedic knowledge of all that was football was something I considered an asset acquired without difficulty. I would pore through the Almanacco del Calcio Illustrato and the Rothman’s Football Yearbook for hours on end, never getting bored. Whether it was the colours of Brighton and Hove Albion or the meaning of the acronym S.P.A.L. there was always something new to learn.

Best of all there was the old format Champion’s Cup, UEFA Cup and Cup Winner’s Cup. They were the true door to geographical appreciation. That is why I can still tell you where Jena is. True, I also would get to know that Napoleon fought a battle there in 1806 but then again the Corsican took his troubles all over Europe so there’s no guaranteeing which part of the continent it is just by looking at the Napoleonic meanderings. No – the only way to know where Jena is is by recalling the great East German team – Karl Zeiss Jena – sponsored by the Carl Zeiss factory.

Same goes for many other otherwise anonymous towns and cities: Ballymena, Plovdiv, Vladikavkaz, Split, Lodz, Mechelen, Norkopping, Ujpest (really a district not a town) and many many more. Call them United, Lokomotiv, Alaniya, Hajduk, Widzew and Doza and suddenly they have a life of their own. So here’s a little game for you footie lovers (and google killjoys)… I give a footballing name and you guess the town and country… thus Ballymena United is an Irish team from Ballymena and Hajduk Split is Croatian (from Split)…

No prizes for guessing.. just try and see how many you can get:

1. Turun Palloseura  

2. Flamurtari

3. Queen of the South

4. Vasas

5. Gencerbirligi

6. Willem II

7. Grasshoppers

8. Standard

9. Etzella

10. Crvena Zvezda

Outsider (non-European): The Strongest


7 responses to “Gharb Rangers

  1. No Google cheating

    Turku, Finland
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    Zurich, Switzerland
    Liege, Belgium
    Ettelbruck, Luxembourg
    Belgrade, Serbia
    Chile??? or so in S. America or Africa

  2. Istra l-Vella. Ikolli nghid darhom kollha dawk il-bliet. U mhux qed nghid biex izur l-istadjums! Eh, hija l-Lussemburgu. A Land of Opportunity! The Promised Land for the Liberal (Sliema) Wanderer!

  3. Tajjeb hafna jekk minghajr Google.

    Turun Palloseura – TURKU, Finland
    Flamurtari Vlore – VLORE, Albania
    Queen of the South – DUMFRIES, Scotland
    Vasas Budapest – BUDAPEST, Hungary
    Genclerbiligi SK – ANKARA, Turkey
    Willem II – TILBURG, Holland
    Grasshoppers Zurich – ZURICH, Switzerland
    Standard Liege – LIEGE, Belgium (Juventus Feeder Club)
    Etzella Ettelbruck – ETTELBRUCK, Luxembourg
    Crevna Zvezda (Red Star) – BELGRADE, Serbia

    The Strongest – LA PAZ, Bolivia

  4. Ngħidlek li ħafna lanqas ta’ Malta stess ma jirrealizzaw…nissuġġerilek logħba oħra: tagħti l-laqam (jew sejjaħlu li trid) u tipprova taqta’ r-raħal jew belt. Tipo: Ajax, Hajduks, Athletic, Lions, Gunners etc etc. Ovvjament issib id-duplikati u sabiħ li tinkludi MAFA, IASC u addirittura Swan League (għadu jeżisti??)

  5. Kont ghidtilkom l-istorja tal-mitiku tim ta’ l-Iswan League, WPU United???

  6. Jacques, happy birthday. – here’s an alternative version to your answers

    1.Turun Palloseura – is a nickname of a Sicilian guy living in the north of Italy who happens to be a good footballer
    2. Flamurtari – the official 5 a side football team of the Ghaqda dilettanti tan-nar
    3. Queen of the South – A team of Dumbledores from Marsaxlokk
    4. Vasas – meta aktar minn vas wiehed ikun fit-tim (bhal Juventus)
    5. Gencerbir-ligi – do not know what this means but it has something to do with what you do, Jacques
    6. Will’em – mhux lil hawn
    7. Grasshoppers – the entomology department football team
    8. Standard – what a boring name!
    9. Etzella – sounds like a fictional charchter coming out of a Tinto Brass’ film. She might be the one that helps players relax!
    10. Crvena Zvezda cousin to Zaphod Beeblebrox

    PS. Where do Gharb Rangers come from?

  7. Tantissimi auguri, Jaccuse!

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