Super Sarko, Roma(nians) and Nationalisms in General


The French Royal Family has done it again. Well. Not exactly. It’s no longer a family any more – we’ve all heard of the painful break-up and about how Monsieur Sarko is all alone in l’Elysée now. What better therapy then than to engage in some superhero antics, and fly down to Africa to save some Frenchies in distress (and some hispanics to boot)? Only a few months ago, the then Madame Sarkozy flew down to Libya and obtained the release of the Bulgarian medics from the atrocious prisons of Muammar and Co. Now her ex-hubby has gone and done it again. He’s flown down to Chad to get back the journalists and airline crew who had accompanied what was supposed to be a humanitarian mission but seems to have turned out to be a huge scam to virtually kidnap Chadian children and get them into Europe.

Members of the group called Zoe’s Arch are still in Chad’s prison and await trial for their sins – risking five to twenty years of forced labour. The Frenchie radio phone lines are currently besieged with callers either praising Super Sarko or berating him for not having brought the accused along too in order that they may face a more accountable judiciary. Not much new there, many French seem to be unable to accept that Chad as a sovereign nation has a right to try and condemn the perpetrators under its laws.

Had the opposite happened – a group of nasty persons kidnapping French children to sell them off in Chad for adoption – I am sure that the French nation would want vindication and would laugh off any attempt of the Chadian government or people to have the trial moved to their country. Credit to Sarkozy who affirmed that he has no intention of intruding into Chad’s sovereign rights and into the powers of its judiciary. One does wonder whether his intervention was necessary at all if his faith in the Chadian system is as strong as he professes it to be.


Faith and patience in the Roma community is what the Italian government no longer seems to have. Draconian measures have seen a governmental form of cleansing taking place. Admittedly no one is getting killed but a large group of people are suffering the consequences of the actions of a few. The Roma will be expelled and they will go back to a country that openly does not consider them its own. Meanwhile in the UK the subject of immigration has once again become a hot topic – this time because there seems to be no agreement as to what the official number of immigrants actually is.


One final comment. In these days of political correctness, the banner that appeared in the Juventus vs Inter clash this weekend will attract much more criticism than it would have a couple of years back. “Zlatan Zingaro” it said. Zlatan the betrayer, Zlatan the opportunistic mover in times of trouble… whatever the fan had in mind I doubt that racism is at the top of the agenda. At times I miss the naiveté of the sixties/seventies comedy period when a joke about a negro (did he just say negro?), a jew or an irish catholic was just that… In the end because of the hot headedness and flammability of today’s world we have to bow down to the new zeal of the zealots and never be rude to an arab….

Never be rude to an Arab,
An Israeli or Saudi or Jew.
Never be rude to an Irishman
No matter what you do.


Never pull fun at a nigger,
A spic or a wop or a kraut,
And never poke fun at a …. (explosion)


(Later on)


Never be rude to a polack


(never be rude to an arab … lyrics and song by monty python)


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