Time to Sharpen my Bias


Antonio pointed it out first, Angelo is worried that J’accuse will never stop crowing, and Fausto is gleeful that the quote in question attributed a Nationalist Bias to this site. For those of you who do not know what I am on about allow me to bask in whatever glory this moment accords this not-so-humble blog and tell you about the day “J’accuse got cited by a certain Fr. Peter Serracino Inglott”:

Sunday Times journalist Mary Ann Cassar interviewed Fr Peter Serracino Inglott in last Sunday’s edition of the paper. The article is called “ICT is an election issue” and in gave us an example of one of the few remaining long-distance visions on the relevant issues of the electorate. The analysis is interesting and J’accuse might find few opportunities to beg to differ – mainly in relation to the assumption that the electorate in general will sympathise with such issues.

What we mean is that we cannot but wholeheartedly agree with the idea that a vision for Malta with ICT firmly embedded in its DNA is the way forward in long-distance planning. ICT as a tool that embeds itself in the improvements needed in many sectors such as health, transport and planning (urban and rural). On the other hand we cannot see how quickly an electorate such as ours will absorb the importance of this priority and give it the necessary weight come the moment of putting their sheet into the ballot box.

Putting aside the main subject matter of the article, we noted that towards the end PSI (as he is known in many circles – and I am sure it’s got no bearing on the amount of Pounds per Square Inch the reverend can pack) veered into the issue of the internet and elections. Veered as in serendipitally – almost an afterthought appended to the article. And it’s all about parties, websites and …. drumroll.. blogs. PSI gives an od to the longstanding J’accuse whinge… there is not enough awareness of the importance of the internet in politics. Not enough quality use of blogs and websites. It is this build up that allows J’accuse to keep it’s feet firmly on the ground and not trumpet as loudly as most would have expected this vain and arrogant blogger to trumpet…

Because, as the saying goes, in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is King. And in the land of the internautically inadequate the persistent blogger is like the scarecrow who wins the Nobel Prize … for being outstanding in his field. But here is the quote, for those of you who missed it and for those of you who are reading this post long after the Times ahs relegated the article to the paying section of the archives:

This issue will affect parties and candidates more than they seem to realise at the next election, if one considers the not very impressive quantity and quality of their websites. To my knowledge, there are two outstanding blogs with a political and suitably ironic tinge – each of them with a bias towards one of the two main parties, but without dulling sharpness of mind, namely those by Jacques René Zammit and Robert Micallef. However, e-mail traffic and online forums are bound to be even more influential in this election.

There. In a sea (or puddle) of “not very impressive quantity and quality of websites”, two outstanding blogs stick out – Robert’s and J’accuse. Then comes the twisting of the dagger – after the semi-sweet comes the very sour…. As Fausto rightly pointed out the assumption is as follows: if the two blogs have a bias to “one of the two main parties”, by a simple process of logical elimination, J’accuse is supposedly biased towards the Nationalist Government.

Ouch. That hurt. What is worse – the two phantom penalties awarded by Bergonzi (oh the irony of the name) to Naples against Juventus or being called a blogger with Nationalist tendencies? I’d say both. Our hope is that in our real bias towards the principle of true representative politics (introduction of third party rights and abolition of MLPN duopoly) we may use the J’accuse whip to flog the Lejber movement more often than we do with the Nazzjonalisti. Which might be a case of selective bias. Otherwise there could be one other conclusion. That we are not really read on a daily business and that we are really outstanding because there is not much to stand out from anyway.

Yep. We are prone to self-flagellation- bias against oneself as it happens. Which does not diminuish our gratitude to Fr Peter for having pointed us out in the first place and for having ever taken the time to notice our not-so-humble existence on the web. After all in a country like Malta being mentioned by Fr P. is tantamount to the highest form of recommendation – because (should I add sadly here?) most people are too busy to form an opinion of their own and will gladly have their opinions formed by the gurus of this small nation.

Which is where J’accuse steps in. We’re sharping our metaphorical pencil. We’re busy getting our biases right. We’re there to do your thinking for you…so you don’t have to.

Because now you have it from the horse’s mouth… we’re outstanding in our field… and Gawd do we love the attention!


Robert Micallef’s Personal Blog: http://www.robertmicallef.com/blog/index.shtml

Wired Malta (formerly Wired Temples): http://www.dailymalta.com/wt/index.shtml


6 responses to “Time to Sharpen my Bias

  1. Felicitations on two counts j’accuse:

    1) The deserved Father Peter mention. Notice how it takes a Fr. Peter to point out these things in a nation where people hardly like to share the limelight with the more, ehm, eccentric members of society. Let alone blow other folks’ independent-minded trumpets for them.

    2) The honest depiction of your “hurt” Giuventus soul, after ONE SINGLE “partita storta”. How remarkable and relieving to hear a Giuventus president mentioning the word “inaccettabile” in relation to referee decisions. Not long ago Giuve’s policy was not to comment on ref decisions. I wonder why. The Napoli game also gives the lie to that scandalous “il campionato l’abbiamo vinto sul campo” argument. Cobolli Gigli is already ruing the three “stolen” points. Unthinkable previously. Avanti cosi, grazie calciopoli. May the eternal errore umano arbitrale be evenly divided at last! La Vecchia Ladrona est morte! Vive La Vecchia Signora!

  2. Huh, I can’t give a toss whatever biases you or anyone might care to have. It was just noting that one of the “outstanding” blogs is Robert’s whose personal blog has not been updated since August and whose other offering — Wired Temples — is … let’s not go into that. PSI is wrong once in a while so don’t worry we’ll not think you to be some Nationalist trojan horse. 🙂

  3. Actually I don’t know how he came to the conclusion this is a PN-leaning blog. If anything I always enjoy reading this blog because it is opinionated but fair! It’s not your fault if the current MLP is so flawed that you have to criticize it more than the PN!

  4. Equating Robert’s Wired Malta with a voice for the MLP is as misguided as anything I can think of! That he was a MEP candidate for the MLP is a fact, but that doesn’t make everything he does automatically associated with that party.

  5. Il-link għall-artiklu tat-Times għandu jkun jismu “ICT is an election issue”, u f’https://jaccuse.wordpress.com/the-malta-chronicle/ il-link għall-blogg qed ħazin għax hemm space bejn l-“elezzjoni” u t-“2008”. (Ipprova kklikkja l-link)


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