Non Sequitur #70


The Life Market (jax index)

[+] increases (UPS?): area planted with genetically modified crops in Europe has increased by 77% since last year….more than a third of Africans should have access to broadband internet by 2012… oil prices have risen to fresh highs due to a combination of the weak dollar, supply concerns in Mexico and continued tensions in northern Iraq…Microsoft has invested $240m (£117m) in social networking site Facebook in exchange for a 1.6% share of the company – that puts a value of $15bn (£7.3bn) on a firm that has only been in existence three and a half years…Malta’s nationalist government increases children’s allowance…

[-] decreases (DOWNS?)): the dollar hit its weakest level since the common currency was launched in 1999 at $1.4438 per euro….E-Bay has reported a quarterly loss of $936m (£459m), caused by its previously announced admission that it paid too much for internet phone firm Skype…the preference for sons over daughters in Korea, a country strongly rooted in Confucian patriarchy, is waning as time goes by…scientists found that summer rainfall had decreased by up to 12 per cent and temperatures risen an average of 2C in the worst-affected areas in southern Queensland (Australia)…

And you? How are you feeling today?


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