Crystal Balls


Xarabank has been given the go-ahead to show excerpts filmed at a fortune teller’s house without her permission. J’accuse believes that the regular uncovering of fortune teller’s shenanigans should be a must in countries such as Malta where the gullible and easily trapped are numerous. The news item has also been treated extensively by this chap here on a blog I have just discovered. Incidentally, the incident of Yoda and the Xarabank crew reminded me of a quote going around the net and attributed to Belgian “actor” Jean-Claude Vandamme. I could not find it so here it is as I remember it:

“If you call a fortune teller and she fails to answer the phone before it even rings once then put down the phone… she’s probably rubbish”.

Speaking of superstition, tonight is the big night for football this week. Juventus face Napoli in a packed San Paolo stadium. Fingers cross and “win the best”.


4 responses to “Crystal Balls

  1. kultant nitfacca jien nerga 🙂 Semmik Peter Serracino Inglott fil-gazzetta imma llum…

    Proset xbin… keep it up! 🙂 Antonio

  2. Grazzi hafna Antonio. Tithajjar tinghaqad maghna tibbloggja temproanjament gol-Chronicle? Dwar PSI, ma nistax nghid li ma kont kuntent tac-citazzjoni pero inkwetajt ftit meta implika li jiena biased ghall-PN. Ma nahsibx li bloggti jaghti wisq x’tifhem ghal bias lejn PN. Forsi l-bias kontra d-duwopolju tinhass iktar kontra l-Labour forsi? Ma nafx…. l-aqwa li “I do not dull the sharpenss of the mind”.


  3. mur oqgħod bik issa! 🙂

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