Do you feel lucky? (punk)

Enquire within upon (almost) everything… A pot-pourri of thoughts from the printed and web media is what I have for you today.


First we begin with the celebrated Dirty Harry phrase “Do you feel lucky punk?” One of the most famous film lines of all times has been translated into “governmentese” by the Plain Language Symposium in Washington DC.

Thanks to the work of these dedicated persons, Clint Eastwood’s famous line would read: “Is it your considered judgement that you are more likely than not to be relatively fortunate?” 9 marks on ten from J’accuse. We could not give a Comaneci perfect for the simple reason that the term “punk” is lost in translation.


Bizarre case of “We are not alone“. In some not so refreshing news from Cyprus we discover that Cro-Magnon barbaric acts on birds are not exclusive to the Maltese islands. Six rare falcons rescued from a shooting spree in Cyprus have died bringing the total killed ot 52, Birdlife Cyprus said. “The red-footed falcons found in a citrus grove had been used for target practice.” Two people are facing charges.


Yang on the moon. What do China, Japan and India have in common? They are all trying to get a man on the moon. China’s Long March rockets are busy lifting probes into space. Japan is on its way and India should be launching its very own probe in April next year. Interestingly, Mr Ouyang of the Communist party dismissed crtiticism that China where tens of millions live in poverty could not afford to indulge in such hubris. The initial cost was about 1.4 billion yuan (£93m), which he estimated to be equivalent to building two stops on the Beijing underground.


It’s cold. And it will get colder.


Guy Fawkes’ Night approaches – and so does the long weekend break. J’accuse will be crossing over to the “Garden of England” and hopes to enjoy GF night in the grounds of Leeds Castle – complete with pyrotechnic and musical show. Tips about what to do in Kent will be greatly appreciated.


Ladies and gentlemen, you will find that the material for this post has been sufficiently exhausted.

[That’s all folks!] 


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