J’accuse on Juventus.com


This is for the intelligent among our readers who are subscribed to Juventus Member – the special area for Juventus fans on the Official Juventus site. We are proud to announce that J’accuse has been chosen as the offical blogger of the week (Blogger della Settimana) on Juventusmember – for the week beginning 1st October. Look out for the seven special articles by Jacques Zammit starting with the first one entitled “Una Strana Juventinita”.


5 responses to “J’accuse on Juventus.com

  1. When the trophies start rolling in then you can start blowing your trumpet. Arsenal, Roma. Won what exactly? Back to the drawing board (or empty trophy cabinet)

  2. Complimenti Jacques. Almeno siamo d’accordo su qualcosa……
    Prosit tassew.

    Lupa Romana t’incaprettiamo Domenica…….ha ha

  3. even though i have a problem with white stripes next to black ones (i much prefer red and black even though black and white are nowhere near as irritating as black and blue)… still, WELL DONE

  4. Empty trophy cabinet? Uno dei piu bei scudetti degli ultimi sei anni. Coppa Italia. Supercoppa. Get your facts right j’accuse-chroniqueur.

    A quel giuventino maltese dal nome fascista – Sara’, come sempre, una battaglia. Con questa Seria A (finalmente) piu pulita, ci sono tutti gli elementi per assistere ad una bella gara.

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