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From today’s Letters Pages on the Times:


Selection of bring-in sites

Antonio Olivari D’Emanuele, communications officer, WasteServ Malta Ltd.

I refer to Vincent Chetcuti’s letter entitled Bring-In Sites (September 13). WasteServ would like to take the opportunity to add the following information for the benefit of the general public.

The aim of waste separation is to reduce waste going to landfills. However, in spite of educational and awareness campaigns, misuse of the bring-in sites is unfortunately rife and people wrongly deposit domestic waste near these sites.

These sites, it should be reminded, have four containers where the public can deposit clean, source-segregated recyclable materials, and are coloured to make it easier for all: blue for plastic, white for paper, brown for glass and black for metal. These are emptied regularly by private contractors and the separated waste is ultimately sent for recycling locally or abroad.

Also, WasteServ is in regular contact with all local councils and consults with them on where to place the sites. Whenever a site is suggested by the local council, WasteServ surveys the site and drafts a plan of the site, which is then approved by ADT. If this site is approved, it is then passed on to Mepa for a permit. Afterwards, when the Mepa permit is issued, the site is again confirmed by ADT and the local council.

Thus, there is a very thorough process to which WasteServ has to abide so that the best sites are ensured for the benefit of the public.


Nice to see Ajjut! Ajjut! working hard for the environment! Would be nicer still to see his blog up and running again. Sahhiet Antonio!


One response to “Spot the Blogger

  1. Thank you thank you… ma jahrablek xejn istra int! 🙂 Avolja lanqas jien, ghax ghadni nzur il-bloggs kultant biex nara x’qed taghmlu sabih il-bloggejja “ta’ zmieni”. Jien tieghi kelli nwaqqfu ghax bejn kien qed jehodli wisq hin (li sfortunatament m’ghandix) u bejn ghax hassejt li l-ispeci ta’ satira mfarrka li kont nikteb ma kenitx tigi miftiehma b’dak ic-certu ton nejjieki kif kont nixtieq. Ahna poplu serju wisq, specjalment issa li qed toqrob l-elezzjoni ftit ftit. Imma nsomma… kulhadd b’xi hobby jghidu, min bil-blogg u min bid-doggy (m’ghandu x’jaqsam xejn apposta). Sahhiet lilek ukoll Jacques!

    E… u l-ahhar wahda li smajt illi kieku ghandi l-blogg kont indeffisha x’imkien zgur: “Ghax kif kien jghid San Gorg ta’ Malta – Verbum dei caro fuck the rest”. Ta ta.

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