(Nationalist Electee’s Random Disquistions)

Malcolm Mifsud (President of College of Councillors of the Nationalist Party) on today’s Independent:

“In my schooldays I used to cover my copybook with my whole body in order not to allow my school friends to copy a single word of my work. I guarded my essays and assignments with my life. I wanted the first person to read my work to be the person who was empowered to judge me.”

In my book, in my schooldays, we call that being a nerd. In our time it was group work that prevailed. You did not hide your knowledge you shared it for the greater good. If more of us got good marks all the better. Then most of us went on to become self-respecting professionals. The nerds of this world meanwhile progressed to such greater pleasures as climbing the echelons of MLPN politics – probably by sucking up to the next person “empowered to judge them” until, hopefully (in their mind) they would reach a position where they themselves would be empowered to judge.

Have a nice weekend.


5 responses to “N.E.R.D.

  1. Raphael Vassallo

    Big Malc strikes again!

    chuckle chuckle

  2. Speaking of obnoxious people in this weekend’s papers, how about that letter in the Sunday Times from Xewkija mayor Monica Vella threatening to sue somebody who wrote in the paper to complain about the food at local restaurant Il Terrazzo? What a fruitcake!

  3. I guess Cedric does not read this blog……ha…………..

  4. Dvxmealvx… fittex biddel dak in-nick ghax mhux tajjeb ghas-sahha… u ifhimni. As for Ced… what if he does?

  5. He might send a few of his “protectees” to perform an anal stretch in Luxembourg – not a pleasant experience………..
    By the way, pleased to see and read that you are well.

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