Malta’s Own


Doesn’t it irritate you? You’ll be reading an article about some Maltese guy/dame (although admittedly in Malta chances are still heavily lain on the guy side) who has made it beyond the waters of our isles and suddenly the journalist takes to describing him/her as Malta’s Own So-and-So. Last I saw it was on when some obscure Maltese fashion model was described once again as Malta’s Own Mr XYZ. Yeah right. Then there’s Malta’s Own Edward De Bono, Malta’s Own Cassar guy who makes films in the US, Malta’s Own Michael Mifsud and who knows we might soon become Malta’s Own Guys in Brussels and Luxembourg. I am always reminded of the King’s Own Malta Regiment (see pic above) whenever this happens. What bugs me is that more often than not our country adopts its “Own” sons and daughters after they have made their own way into the world without much help from said country and when it is quite evident that the achievement is rather independent from the the educational/cultural system of the islands.

Maybe the country should adopt a few more “Malta’s Own” that would smell less of hypocrisy and verge closer towards the truth insofar as paternity is concerned. Take Malta’s Own Rubbish Dump for example. Or Malta’s Own Transport System. Funny how no one wants to claim ownership of those. Lets change MEPA to MOPA. Malta’s Own Planning Authority. And then there are of course Malta’s Own Politicians. Yep. Our very own – and no, you do not get to choose any others. They’re yours in perpetual emphytheusis and getting out of the contract is out of the question. Malta’s Own Television Trash is another moniker I would gladly accept. Just let your imagination run free and you will notice how many Malta’s Own still remain unclaimed…


On a blogging note – action has been slow due to my running round Luxembourg for documentation, taxation and updation (had to rhyme) purposes. The fruit of my labours is the new car that I have been driving around in since yesterday afternoon. Farewell to the good serving Alfa and welcome to a super-comfortable X-trail courtesy of Nissan – with the aim of more and more overland holidays. Blogging shall continue to be on the slow side since this weekend I am off for a wedding in a place in France called Ars Laquenexy – which sounds like a Latin phrase gone wrong. I.M. Jack might just about come out on Sunday night – if I can be pulled away from the second series of Weeds that is.



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