God You’re Gay


If I were to go by Daphne in today’s Independent, the most interesting topic in the papers (while I was away) is to be found in the letters pages of what I presume to be the Times. Apparently some God-fearing Catholics have taken on the task of reminding the world that homosexuality is anathema – an they do so in a variety of humorous ways such as reminding the world that the bodies of two people of the same sex are incompatible with each other (see below). I will leave you to read Daphne’s article for the finer points of this high-brow discussion. I am still resettling back. My remission is over – only got to remove the sutures at some point. The time spent in the Jura was great – good cheese (comte’), good wine (vin jaune and savagnin) and good company. The nature down there is majestic (as it is wherever it is left to its own means). I also got a chance to visit a cute town called Geneva… nothing extraordinary – just as expected.

The news on the papers seems to be the usual stuff. I was surprised by Ambassador Muscat’s resignation – not because of the Ambassador but more for the reason given. I do tend to believe the Ambassador when he says that his son is victim of a press frame up. The Irish girl’s story does not seem to be too strong. An interesting story is the reconciliation between Austin Gatt and Michael Falzon. With the election approaching we will have to start look out for the healing of more “internal” wounds as the shaky nationalist fort tries to hold out against the great assault the enigmatic Labour Party will attempt to make.

You will notice that I have not broached the Sports topic since Juventus have been displaying the defensive capabilities of a third division team against the supposed giants of Italian football (currently – and thanks to all the cirumstances). Criscito, Andrade, Molinaro, Grygera – you have a week to grow up and play together. Pretty please. Stop playing like a bunch of ggggg…..

I will leave you with my favourite quote of the week which is a quote that Daphne lifted from one of the letters in the Times concerning that great damnation called homosexuality.

“The physical anatomy of two men does not complement each other and neither does that of two women. It is like having two electrical sockets on a wall which, no matter how close they are to each other, are unable to generate light.”

I wonder. In a more liberal community wouldn’t this answer merit that great Maltese epithet that translates to an invitation to go take it where the sun doesn’t shine? And they never mean Luxembourg.

ADDENDUM: This article in La Stampa about a report by NGO Human Rights First seems to show that homophobia is on the rise in all of Europe and not just Catholic Malta.


3 responses to “God You’re Gay

  1. Daphne’s article was great today; I love the way she takes on all these religious zealots who litter the letter pages of The Times. I’d like to see the day when the letter page doesn’t have ONE article which quotes the bible or some other catechism book.

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  3. Oh Jacques… you crack me up. Keep it up mate. Reading your blog saves me going thru the maltese newspapers and I get a nearly daily doze of humour. This has to be one of my all time faves from your blog… ‘that great Maltese epithet that translates to an invitation to go take it where the sun doesn’t shine?’

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