Non Sequitur #67: Happy Birthday PC


Once again pushing the cultural nodes in your brains to the limit, J’accuse will depart for the Gran Ponte di Ferragosto with a little note about the Personal Computer. 26 years ago the IBM 5150 was launched. (To be exact it was the 12th August 1981). It was to make history as the first real personal computer and had very basic characteristics (see below) The machine worked on “open architecture”but anyone wanting to create his on pc had to pay a licence to IBM to use BIOS – the core system software. Soon other producers decoded the secrets of BIOS and this contrivbuted to the rapid reduction in prices and boom in sales. The PC was to be the first and last rival to Apple Computers who had (surprise, surprise) already produced a computer destined to work for single individuals. In order to fuel its battle with Apple, IBM contracted a firm to create a system called MS-DOS to run on the computers. This firm was nothing less than Microsoft, created by Paul Allen and a certain Bill Gates.

The rest, as you can probably check on Wikipedia… is history.

IBM 5150

Memory 16/64 KB

Hard Disk: None

Floppy Drive: 1 or 2 external but standard issue came with Cassette Tape Recorder

Display: Connect to your favourite television

Cost : $1565

Sales: 200,000 over first year of activity


One response to “Non Sequitur #67: Happy Birthday PC

  1. I remember working on something similar many moons ago. I remember swearing when i did not save my work properly and ended up loosing a day’s work….lol

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