A place worth visiting if you are ever in the vicinity of Montpellier is the Reserve de Sigean. It’s a huge safari where you can drive through and get up close with such wildlife as rhinoceri, lions, ostriches and zebrae (can you tell I love weird plurals – even the ones I invent myself?) One of the animals I particularly enjoyed snapping was the quiet zebra that came up close and personal too stare straight into my camera lens. Lovely. All the more when you think that the zebra is the Juve mascot (they’re back and they’re getting stronger). On the recovery side nothing new to report – all quiet on the stomach front. Mobility is minimal – I get to stumble around the house, eat, watch DVDs, play playstation games and generally sleep myself to oblivion until I am awoken by the humidity of the saliva pools under my cheek. The windows in 22 rue de bragance are only there to remind me that summer never came here in Luxembourg – it’s constantly pissing rain and the temperature sticks to the chillyish point. I guess if the weather had a face it would look a bit like the zebra in the picture.



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