Morning Talk


[Heard in 22, rue de bragance at 0830am]

– Eights? I hate eights. They’re short, round and fat.  Now ones are nice… and sevens. They’re real and smart. Fives too.

– Yeah. But fives are round too – didn’t you say you don’t like them when they are round?

– Sure. But five is wearing a hat. It’s respectful about its roundness.

– And twos? What about twos?

-They’re ok. They’re so respectful they’re down on their knees.

– Ok. Then. But you can’t possibly think that threes are not nice.

-Oh no. Three is cool. Never diss a three…. three is mystical. You can’t dislike three. Can’t go around toying with luck like that.

–  Right. And nine, and six are multiples of three so I guess they’re cool?

– Naah, six is just plain ugly – beer-belly and all… and nine is the same only the other way round.

–  Of course. Should have seen that coming. And four. What about four?

– Four. It’s neither here nor there. Not too round to be disliked but lacks the personality of ones. Ones and sevens. They rule.

– Right. Looks like it’s another grey morning outside. Rain and cold.

– Yeah. So much for July sun.


One response to “Morning Talk

  1. what’s wrong with six and nine? when combined together quite a few consider them perfect!

    very interesting conversation. though it sounds more of a late night/ very early morning/after a couple of bottles of wine, type of conversation

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