The Sant Loophole

Every now and then Sant Alfred plays games with the electorate. Constantly in search of some flashy way to hit the headlines this time he has chanced upon playing around with the rules of the house. House of Representatives I mean. In Malta we labour under the illusion that our 67 or so MPs act with due reverence to an institution that is governed in accordance to the same House Rules as the eminent House over in the UK from which much inspiration was sought. It is not rare for an MP in Malta to claim that some parliamentary privilege of his has been breached and to evoke the tome of Erskine-May in support of his thesis. Unfortunately the general populace has long looked at our House as a collective farce that settles for work as usual once the burden of five-yearly election is over. The majority sits safely ensconced in its Constitutionally guaranteed cushion and the opposition feigns opposing for the greater good.

Enter Sant and his latest ploy viz Mugliett. It would seem that Mugliett has contradicted some earlier point made before the hallowed house and in doing so seems to be (At least in Sant’s eyes) a liar. And a liar before the house is an even worse liar.

Which is what brings Sant to declaim:

“that having a Minister lying to the House is a case of utmost disorderly behaviour and action should have been taken by the Speaker in the first place.”

Which makes us all wonder why this should be the only case to merit such attention.


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