Labour Will (will what?)

With Fausto’s emigration into the folds of Brusselmania J’accuse has lost its main contradictor insofar as our assertions on the State of Maltese politics. It’s a pity really beacuse we are acutely aware of our fallibility and of the fact that our perspective on Maltese politics is not always right.

One thing we have constantly harped upon is the “0” Alternative Factor when it comes to the Malta Labour Party offering a plausible opposition to the bumbling incumbent. It is with mixed pleasure (insofar as sustaining our argument is concerned) and sadness (insofar as the bleak future of Maltese politics) that we report this article that Labour Party member (is he still vice-head or something like that?) Michael Falzon has published on the Indy. It’s your run-of-the mill Labour article… the bulk is all about why the nationalist government is bad on your health. Then, just when you were hoping that Falzon will be telling you something about what Labour will do to improve on all this (see the title of the article) you get this lot of abstract mumbo-jumbo:

“[…]with good governance and a more balanced system, it is possible to give this country and its people a better future. Our taxpayers are definitely not getting their money’s worth. Nor are our citizens in general.

Labour has already set off on this route by declaring, first and foremost, that we are a party for all. True, we build from the bottom up. True, the family is our basic building block, especially the families of those wage earners who are in difficulty making their ends meet. Those that a columnist in this paper some time ago called as “copers”. Labour wants to arrest this decay in our life caused by inflation and wrong taxation. It wants families to move from the “coping”, to a life truly worth living. How? In many different ways, one of which is that by getting the Labour Party elected to government and ridding Malta of this administration.

Labour will reinstall a true sense of civic participation in the government, enabling the involvement of all, using policies that will transform our ailing economy into a vibrant economy for the good of all and sundry. Labour will here strive, and strive hard, to give every opportunity to the entrepreneur to generate further wealth, while at the same time protecting and helping the vulnerable.

And apart from the economics of it all, we will also seek to safeguard the environment, not solely because it belongs collectively to us all, but because we cannot have a better life, even if we were the most prosperous, if we cannot enjoy our environment which in itself is a life provider.”

So the insight we get on our Labourite future is full of sweeping statements such as “a party for all”, “building from the bottom up”,”civic participation” and “vibrant economy”. Scary isn’t it. Reminds me of that woman on the second Xarabank Euro programme who was all out against EU membership. Together with Eddiey Privitera and Ellul Bonici she seemed convinced that Malta would be the same outside of Europe because we would find work for everyone. She fell just short of reminding us of Dirghajn il-Maltin and the crews of graduates employed shoring weeds on the sides of the main thoroughfares.

Because Labourite mentality, and I am sorry to say this, can be the aspiration to elevate mediocrity to the level of the unattainable karma. The more I hear current Labour exponents the more I feel that the real underlying theme of MLP is MEDIOCRITY FOR EVERYONE… so that we are all equal and there will be no need to be jealous. Pity we would have a Harvard Graduate for PM. Wouldn’t someone who “ma tghallimx skola” do the trick?

Whatever… still trying to find out what Labour Will do.

And now for some humour…


The handouts in the Euro era turned out to be much larger than Gonzi thought!

Suggest a better caption for this photo.


2 responses to “Labour Will (will what?)

  1. Uff why do MLP articles have to be so bland and lacking substance? It’s the same old political cliche’s over and over again. In fact I sometimes wonder why I even bother to read them.

    I think the MLP has potential – and there are several people within the party who I believe can genuinly change the way politics are done. I’m tempted to say that they’re waiting for Sant to leave. Afterall being seen with the Sant team is political suicide.

  2. Andre, I’m not too sure if this mediocrity can be attributed to the Sant-factor. I see a few people withing th MLP that are loaded with potential, quite rightly as you said. However, the problem is not a Sant-ian one or perhaps, that, is just the tip of the iceberg. The MLP is unfocused and the fact that it is trying to get votes from everyone and his brother, does not really help much. They’re trying to please everyone and in so doing, they are losing focus. One can just hope that once this fishing-for-votes-frenzy subsides, they will get back to their path. Yet, with this lack of direction MLP might be just shooting themselves in the foot before running the marathon. I am very tempted to vote MLP but I’ll be the first to admit that MLP are being too vague and afraid to step on anyone’s toes. I want the MLP to stand out and declare what’s black and what’s white in their current views.

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