Will the Mugliett Affair turn out to be the scandal that tips the balance irremediably towards the Labour camp? Will the sharpshooting blunderers of the PN continue this trend of shooting themselves in the foot for a sufficiently long time to give Alfred Sant his revenge trip back into Castille? The signs all point in that direction. Corruption and corrosion of the governing will become the bywords for those who want to step into their shoes. Then, once they will have slipped the aforementioned sneakers onto their power-hungry feet they will ride the first few weeks triumphant announcing the dawn of a golden age.

Which is when we will notice that the biggest deficit the new government of this country will be facing will not be a monetary one but rather a more basic issue – we just don’t have a plan. It’s sixty years since Roswell and the UFO sightings. I’ve got news for you, they’re hovering around the Maltese islands ready to settle into those particular vessels called “Electoral Lists” and before you know it the people who live in outerspace will be running your country.

It gets tiring to write this sort of post. It does of course tickle the endangered species that is the wankellectual in me but we are speaking to the land where the people who “Ma Nafx Skola”  are exalted. This is the land where being uneducated is a prerogative of the people and education is a blasphemy to be tolerated, university graduates a burden on the state and anything involving an iota of intelligence becomes a hidden plot to stifle the “haddiema” (workers). (Thank you Ms Ellul Bonici!)

No. Wankellectuals will not save the Malta Xarabankjana if left to their means and ways. They will only directly or indirectly support the illusion that this is a mature country in full democratic working order. Their illusion of bringing some much needed input into the cemetery of ideas will remain just that. The irony is that there will not be some great crash or some sudden blockage of the whole system. No sir. The system will keep on working feeding on faux politicians, wankellectual elites and the whole circus (media or otherwise)… quality of life will continue to regress but we will rest content that we are the happiest people in Europe…

After all we’ve got Dun Gorg Preca, Fireworks in Summer, and Mater Dei to prove to the world that something in this limestone world is still ticking.

*Photo: Minister Mugliett with his Luxembourg counterpart Ms Jacobs


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