The Many-Can-Piss (one of Brussels’ Highlights)

Before the Maltese media starts to fret about the number of cases the Commission has or will bring against Malta on a number of different directives. Before we start panicking that Malta is not up to standard for the EU (although in some cases it is good to panic). I think you should know that in the last few weeks the egregious institution known as Commission has brought around 900 “manquement” cases before the ECJ. 

I will be spending this weekend in the home city of la Commission – takin’ me ol’ dad for a tour of the city that smells of frites. Looking forward to Sunday when I’ll be on the train back to Lux!

Ah! Can we ever be content. 


One response to “Perspective

  1. Odd that. Our plan is to travel in the opposite direction this weekend. To a place one man described as “an assortment of dummy companies over parkland, nothing but P.O. Boxes for companies with a taste for tax evasion.”

    Enjoy the frites but look out for the merde. There’s lots! And if you’re in the mood for good European films, pay a visit to Flagey, the festival runs until Saturday night. Good selection of beer at Belga post or pre film.

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