Rih Isfel: hin ftit, aptit dejjem


Pierre asked me whether I have time (ghandek hin?) or whether I feel like (ghandek aptit?) posting the last bit of promos for the Rih Isfel launch. Remember that the book goes out into the bookstores on Friday. Of course time is always limited when holidays are approaching and you need to empty your desk before the boss is gone but we will always feel like promoting Notte Brava’s material. So here are a couple of links to all the thingabobs that tell you (unnecessarily) why you should buy the book and read it.

There’s an extract from the book (YouTube), there’s an MP3 of the same extract,  and there’s a PDF of a page sample.

The self-imposed rules and regulations of J’accuse (Article IX.iv.c Transparency) require that I declare that Pierre has promised me a copy of the book. It’s up to you to believe me when I say that the knowledge of a free copy had absolutely no influence on my sound belief that the book will be grand. And my buy-back promise to dissatisfied readers still holds.

* Photo… my flip flop for the launch!


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