Another day, another (court)case


Monday arrives with the usual blues. Not much to report from Luxembourg. I could tell you about how flabbergasted I am at the collective insanity that was the opening of the Mater Dei hospital. I could trump up another post about the continuing ignorance of feebly regulated fireworks factories. I could comment on the insane world that is one that accepts terrorist attacks as a normal way of life. I could even complain about the summer that never will be in Luxembourg.

I will do none of all that since I am up to my neck with work and after work my home duties now include entertaining J’accuse Senior who is in the Duchy for a two week visit. For want of anything better I will use this space to recommend a couple of DVD’s I’ve watched over the past week or so.

1. 16 Blocks – starring Bruce Willis. Enjoyable.

2. Lucky Number Slevin. Cool

3. Black Snake Moan. Fantastic performances and great soundtrack.

On the reading front I am tackling a book called “This Book Can Change Your Life”. Already half way through and no noticeable improvement. Will keep you posted.


2 responses to “Another day, another (court)case

  1. Kieku ghadni bil-blogg kont nikteb dwar kemm nixtieq nimrad biex johduni bl-ambulanza l-isptar il-gdid. Hasra li ghadu bla tobba imma… zeffiena, kantanti u intrattenituri varji biss issib. Imma dik Malta… riklami fir-radju, tv, billboards u kull fej thares ta’ l-isptar il-gdid. Qisu la darba jaghlaq l-Isptar San Luqa mhux bilfors hemm irridu mmorru jekk jinqala xi haga…

    Imma bhala teknika tajba… il-gvern jixtri r-riklami fl-istazzjonijiet tal-partit u jolqot 2 ghasafar b’gebla wahda. Jghaddi balla flus lill-cashflow tal-partit u jaghmel propaganda tremenda lilu nnifsu fl-istess hin. Aqwa mill-kaccaturi – ghax dawk sa ghasfur wiehed jaslu b’kull tir.

    Insomma ahjar ma nibdiex…

  2. smajt lil xi hadd jghid li s’issa nafu li l-isptar ghal coffee mornings tajjeb zgur. il-quddiem naraw ghal bqija.

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