Cheap & Cheerful: at last?


 MIA: Centre for Maltese Emigration Control

Cue: beethoven’s 9th. Just in case you miss this article in the Times. J’accuse would like to say “told you!” Comments will be limited at this stage but for those who want to know more about what J’accuse had to say about departure taxes look for “Cheap and Cheerful” in the search engine at the bottom of this page:

Malta must lift the departure tax or face the European Court
Malta will be taken before the European Court of Justice within a few weeks if the government continues to insist on retaining the airport departure tax. The Commission decided yesterday to reject the arguments made by the Maltese authorities in response to two legal warnings that the tax is discriminatory and so breaches EU law.

The EU executive is now set to move on to the third and last stage of the infringement procedure by lodging a formal complaint with the European court. The government, therefore, has to decide whether to remove the tax or fight the Commission in the Court.

The government halved the tax from the beginning of this month, to Lm10. But this has obviously not satisfied the Commission. “The airport tax is discriminatory as it is only levied on air passengers beginning an international journey outside Malta,” the Commission said.

“The tax, therefore, puts an unfair burden on residents in Malta, and makes it more difficult for them to receive and provide services in other member states.” The Commission is arguing that domestic destinations – the Malta-Gozo route – are exempt from the tax and that there should be no differentiation between domestic and other intra-community flights.

The Commission has been communicating with the government over this matter for almost a year. The first letter of formal warning was issued last July followed by a reasoned opinion in December.

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6 responses to “Cheap & Cheerful: at last?

  1. Hip, Hip, Hoorah !!!!!

    lets just hope the governement does the right thing

  2. The government already had the chance to do “the right thing”. And he failed miserably. This move has been brought about by the EU *not* by the government. Yet, I am sure that the government propaganda will not squander an opportunity to show us how well-meaning and thoughtful our blessed government is, by “removing” this tax. Is this another miracle attributable to Dun Gorg?

  3. About time!

    Better late than never though – although I feel as though I’ve been ripped off.

  4. I’m not sure I’m too happy with the “Better late than never” response when dealing with a measure that should NEVER have happened in the first place.
    As for being ripped off. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. If the case does go before the ECJ and the ECJ does declare the tax as having been illegal then all persons who paid that tax since membership have a right to reimbursement. It will be interesting to see how they work that one out.

  5. Andre, we ARE being ripped off!!!!! Jacques, what happens if the government removes the tax without going to court? are we still entitled to reimbursement?

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