Summit in a Pill


The summit opened yesterday and the first exchanges have been made. Merkel believes that everyone wishes to find a solution but it is turning out to be very difficult. It is still difficult to predict whether there will be an accord. Sarkozy offered the Poles a new “Ioannina Compromise“. The Poles refused. The Brits are all out against the Charter on Fundamental Human Rights (and might opt out of an eventual agreement on this). They also would not like to have a European Foreign Minister. The French, the Italians and the Spanish are still trying to convince the Brits that a Foreign Minister would not be such a bad idea and have proposed keeping the suggested institution but changing its name. The latter is known as the “you can fool all of the people some of the time” option. Juncker of Luxembourg has seen very little progress. Rasmussen of Denmark thinks that the 27 are close to a conclusion. Vanhanen of Finland thinks that they are nowhere near to finding a solution. Tony Blair will convert to Catholicism once his term as PM is out. Bets are on as to whether the summit will finish on the night between Friday and Saturday or whether it will go on record as another of those summit that are prolonged in search of a compromise.

this has been j’accuse on the eu summit : knowing your onions so you don’t have to


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