Recommended Weekend Viewing


We’re in the Economist this week. Not us, as in j’accuse, but us, as in Maltese. Buy your copy or sneak a peek at your local newsagent (page 31 – article is called Tidal Wave: Malta and Immigration). Josie Muscat and his new party get a mention – probably the fastest track to an international paper for a newborn party ever.

Dr Gonzi (our PM) makes an interesting statement that is bound to make all the readers reflect before condemning Malta’s attitude (as expressed in the press): “The numbers who came to Malta last year are equivalent to half our birth rate“, sez our PM.

The Economist article ends on a different note:

Malta may be densely populated (three times more than the Netherlands), but its immigrant population is still tiny. Officials say they have no precise total, but their estimate is below 3,000 – fewer than the commonly touted figure of 7,000 arrivals since 2002, and laess than 1% of the island’s 400,000 population. Malta’s EU partners could be forgiven for feeling that, as in other respects, the union’s southernmost member is just catching up with them.

If you cannot afford the time or money to check out the Economist, a link to the article will probably appear on WT in about two weeks time. Never say never.

When you are done stealing or buying the Economist pop over to your local DVD rental and get a copy of “ ‘V’ for Vendetta“. It’s been out for some time now. I had missed it and only saw it one evening this week. A must see – at least as far as j’accuse is concerned.


One response to “Recommended Weekend Viewing

  1. Yes. I toyed with the idea of writing a letter saying something on those lines. Anyone who steps out into the colourful (yellow-black-brown-blonde-red) streets of Brussels every single day must realise that (for the time being at least) Malta can hardly get hysterical and alarmist about the situation (which is not to say that a problem doesn’t exist and that it won’t get bigger).

    But never underestimate the effect of our island cocoon on attitudes and world-views.

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