38 (+2)

After Juventus, Napoli and Genoa. Undoubtedly the most important promotion trio in the history of Italian football. In order to understand the quality – both in terms of support as well as in terms of history – that has been returned to Serie A after a barren year of boring kickabouts with a gap wider than the wage gap in Brazil you just have to look at the number of leagues won by the newly promoted clubs. Juventus (27+2), Napoli (2) and Genoa (9). A total of 38 (+2). That’s fourty leagues won on the pitch.

Before you thought of belittling this statistical record just think that the supposed big three of this year’s campionato Inter (we-win-only-when-there’s-no-opposition, 15(-1)), MIlan (the honest finalists, (17)) and Rigetta (orologiai Sensi Ltd (3)) total 35 (-1) scudetti between them.


Forza Juve! Forza Napoli! Forza Genoa!


One response to “38 (+2)

  1. Damn right mate!

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