And I miss you (like the deserts miss the rain)

The Times editorial this morning bemoans the fact that the first signs of an electoral battle have not displayed the usual Party vs Party battle but seem to be more of a clash of personalities. The editor is worryingly nostalgic for what he calls the “traditional” big party versus big party approach. Personally I do not see what he can be so nostalgic about. What difference does it make whether we have Gonzi vs Sant or PN vs MLP? At the end of the day we are still devoid of new ideas, fresh air and alternative politics. The editor seems to give a perfunctory nod in this direction when he talks of the lack of debate about projects and new ideas. What he does miss out on is the fact that with the two “traditional” parties towing the line over the next few years and with an electoral system that gives practically a carte blanche to the victor who is allowed to run the realm as he likes once elected – we will definitely not be seeing or hearing much that is new. Except maybe for a few wild promises and endearing moments with the poplu.

No Mr Editor. I don’t miss the traditional party vs party. I really wish we had an altogether different system of politics. But that’s a bit like imagining the fountain in the middle of the bleak desert isn’t it?

From the Times Ed today:

“It will of course get hotter and, probably, nastier but electioneering has definitely started. Alas, for this country, rather than pitting two big political parties against each other, as has traditionally been the case, the electorate are increasingly faced with having to choose among two personalities. It has very much become a presidential election with personality politics given more weight than policies and rhetoric and packaging getting more attention than principles and foresight.”


One response to “And I miss you (like the deserts miss the rain)

  1. “I really wish we had an altogether different system of politics.”

    please elaborate

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