The government settled the dispute with the hawkers. It would build the stalls for the protesting masses – so long as they shut their mouths. The hawkers got more than they bargained for – they got a place in the main square of Valletta for the duration of their temporary relocation. And then they got caught red handed.

So much for being nice to the wrong people. We sort of tried to warn whoever was reading this blog. As soon as the news was out that the government would be subsidising the hawkers’ new ventures we tried to point out that it would be rather silly to subsidise the vendors of all things counterfeit. Even a silly little blogger like me could see it coming. Does Grace Borg read j’accuse? I doubt it. So I cannot be blamed as having been the whistleblower of the situation. Apparently the police raided the not-yet subsidised stalls and found over 2500 counterfeit cds and dvds. Duh! It seems even Spiderman 3 is available on demand.

What still pisses me off big time is the predictability of it all… predictable to all except the government that is. It’s too busy appeasing all and sundry in this pre-election year to really be able to tell of the effects of its actions.

Which leads me to believe further that if we had a real democracy in our country with an intelligent electorate to boot we would be electing a coalition government of sorts come election time – something like Bertie Ahern will be forming in the Irish republic over the next few days.

But we won’t, won’t we? We’ll just elect another shambles with a photofinish/ landslide victory. We will be duped into believing that we have exercised a democratic right and that the people have spoken and that the politicians have listened. In truth we will all have lived the great big scam once again. Counterfeit politics and all.


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