Between a goal and a museum

My personal tour of London goes on. The gray clouds held on to the rain until four o’clock (local time) this afternoon. I have been “forced underground” by a little drizzle. Nah. Truth is that I needed to rest after walking around most of the South Bank this morning and early afternoon. Anybody who visits London without going to Borough Market should be ashamed of himself. It’s incredible, it’s fun and it’s good. Then there was the Globe. Like most other things in London the tour of the Globe was stratospherically expensive for what you get. This should not stop anyone from visiting though. I loved the authenticity of the reconstruction of Shakespeare’s theatre. Now I am off to Foyles for the mandatory two hour browse in a book shop… wish me luck.


My quick check on Juve related news has resulted in the discovery that Didi might not be at the helm of the team next year. Juve might be my favourite team but this is no gentlemanly way to go about things. The guy chose to espouse a project when it was still in Serie B and thirty points below zero. He took on a team that had been deprived of more than a few heavyweights and stuck with it through thick and thin. True I did not always agree with his choices but then I don’t think I ever liked any coaches choices – which is why I own almost every year’s edition of Championship Manager to rectifiy what I cannot get right in real life. So why ditch him now? Why go back to boring classy Lippi? The worst sign is that Deschamps really wants to quit because the plans made by the dirigenza are not ambitious enough. Which is surely not a a happy note for any hopeful supporter.

There’s grey clouds in the air for the near future… and I’m not speaking about weather in the city.


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