Spring Break

Seems like the hunters went 300 protected birds too far. Seems like the Government of Malta decided enough is enough … 300 dead birds later. Seems like in the same week of these happenings some twisted minds destroyed thousands of trees which were part of a reafforestation programme. Seems like Alfred Sant found the complete ban on hunting too harsh a measure that punishes the good (?) together with the bad. Seems like Maltarightnow thinks that the Commission is “praising” Malta for its sudden change of spirit vis-a-vis hunting. Seems like we will soon be awarded a medal for outstanding achievements in environmental protection.

‘Cca nisciuno e fesso.


2 responses to “Spring Break

  1. Seems like the hunting season is not closed for everyone. Seems like I’m still hearing gunshots despite the ban. Seems like the chap I saw this morning on his mortocycle, was carrying a gun slung over his back. And it seems to me that he didn’t do that as a fashion statement.

  2. Now it appears the glorious FKNK are considering aligning themselves with a hunter-friendly party…
    I’d like to see who would want to take up that particular hot potato.


    And besides: didn’t Lino Farrugia *already* have a party?

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