Guns in my Glasshouse


You know that saying about people in glasshouses. Lest I be accused of being one of them I feel obliged to draw your attention to this article in today’s Times of Malta. It is alarming to say the least. While I was sitting here criticising the USA and its notorius National Rifle Association I was oblivious of the laws relating to gun ownership in Malta. For that I can only say Mea Culpa.

“To be able to buy a semi-automatic pistol, or any other weapon such as a rifle, which are not used for hunting, one has to join a club, of which there are three on the island. One is given basic training on how to handle a weapon, learn about the ramifications of the law and how to store the weapon and the ammunition. But at the end of the day, one is still in possession of a powerful weapon, and one can keep up to 10 modern weapons,” the source added.

How’s that for feeling safe at home? Granted that the ‘informer’ might have a gripe or two about the tight regulation of hunters but this does not detract that owning a weapon or two on our little island is not so difficult after all. The whole argument of “owning a weapon at home for peace of mind” is open to debate. Its ramifications extend to the laws applying to self-defence – what happens if a criminal enters your property and you decide to make use of your comforting weapon?

I’m not too sure on this one. I’m only keen to get my glasshouse in order.


3 responses to “Guns in my Glasshouse

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