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Murder by elimination?

In other sports news Juventus defeated Napoli 2-0 to stay top of the Serie B standings. Juventus will not be playing (or simply turning up) in the Champion’s League this season.

(Grazie Roma… ci fai sognare ancora)


5 responses to “Seven

  1. What a terrible night that was! 11 shots at goal, 7 in the back of the net. Cose da 5-a-side al Luxol b’Damien Fiott fil-lasta.

    But the word ‘sin’ in a footballing context should be employed with great care and circumspection by any Vecchia Ladrona fan…

  2. Sin? Did we mention sin? As in “What a sin Roma are out”? Naaah

    We employ words quietly and surely on our way back where we belong. In the meantime provincial outfits are making fools of themselves playing way out of their league.

    No sin there mate… just the beautiful game.

  3. Gourmandise…


    Deux peches capitaux…deux facons de se retrouver en Serie B.

    Forza Giuve!

  4. It remains a pitiful characteristic of Rigetta fansss that they are unable to call a spade a spade. The supposed pride of Italian attacking football was dealt a lesson in the card game of reality: when not facing Ascoli Piceno, Catania, Livorno and Torino, the shortfalls of the mini-mini-club that is Rigetta are exposed.

    At the end of the year the fannnssss will only be able to “rejoice” because they (and a couple of nerazzurri) managed to concoct a sufficiently large investigation directed on their greatest nemesis and trump up a few charges in a way to affect the team.

    Deep down we all know the truth. Rigetta are stuff of amateurism, false fideiussioni, rolex gifts to the referees and constant whingeingf caused by the frustration of winning jack shit.

    Juventus will be back where they belong notwithstanding all the machinations of teams that have long attempted to revile their European record….. by my calculations a 31 year old Roma fan could aspire to see his Rigetta team back in the Quarters of the Champions League in 23 years time – at the young age of 54*.

    Don’t hold your breath!

    *Unless of course some weird conspiracy theory is also launched at European level and all the real teams get disqualified which will leave Rigetta and Intercarta battling for the Champions League with teams like Tromso, Marsaxlokk and Bondbyrnes. Of course they would still lose it… but that would not be the point… they could still taunt the others for “not playing”. Which is of course what football is all about.

    1- 0
    2 – 0
    3 – 0
    4 – 0
    5 – 0
    6 – 0
    7 – 1

    Now that’s what I call a losing side.

  5. “Concoct an investigation”, “trump up charges”…

    That’s the real difference between a Roma fan and a Giuve fan. I have no problem admitting that the 7-1 defeat was a depressing (if surreal) humiliation. You, j’accuse, the finger-pointer par excellence, are yet to admit that Calciopoli was about long-standing Giuve machinations which finally came to light. Giuve is in Serie B because Giuve played dirty not because Roma fans have been saying that Giuve played dirty. Get over it, j’accuse. That stain will stay with Giuve for a long, long time. If Philip Roth wrote a book about it he’d call it ‘The Giuve Stain”. It would make a good film too. If you stretch things a bit it could star Brad Pitt as the young Luciano Moggi and Morgan Freeman as a black Antonio Giraudo. Kevin Spacey as Bettega? Why not?

    PS: when was the last time that Marsaxlokk eliminated Lyon and beat Man U 2-1 at home? Roma provincial? As Borat would say after his trip to the US, “Naaaaat”.

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